26 Warehouse Administrator jobs in Leeds

With more than 1,500 warehouses operating in the UK, the distribution and transportation sectors are predicted to experience significant growth in the coming years. Small and large businesses alike rely on the country’s supply chain to get goods and supplies to consumers. One of the UK’s major cities, Leeds continues to invest in its local economy to attract employers and jobseekers. Employers based in the region include Tetley’s Brewery, Asda and Jet2. Leeds is also ranked one of the fastest growing cities in the UK. Keep reading to learn more about warehouse administrator opportunities in Leeds.

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Working as a warehouse administrator in Leeds can be interesting as no two days are likely to be the same. You will likely spend your time working on administrative tasks, with the scope of your work practically endless. Typically, you will be preparing documentation for invoices and purchase orders, tracking shipments and answering customer questions. Most warehouse administrator employers in Leeds will also expect you to help prepare warehouse staff schedules.

Working as a warehouse administrator in Leeds is a great way to gain more responsibility and experience in the supply chain industry. One of the most sought-after skills for the position is the ability to effectively use a PC. Warehouse administrator employers in Leeds may ask you to create daily or monthly reports using systems such as Microsoft Office. Other important qualifications include experience in customer service, basic accounting knowledge and good organisational skills. If you do end up working as a warehouse administrator in Leeds it is a good idea to also have great time management skills.

There are great career prospects for people working in warehouse administrator jobs in Leeds. The role itself is critical to the success of a warehouse, and as such you will have the opportunity to learn about the sector and gain valuable experience. If you succeed in this role, it is possible to advance to supervisor or management-level positions. With much of the job being office based, it is easy to move outside of the industry if you want to try out a new career path. Starting salaries for warehouse administrator jobs in Leeds are around £20,000, but with experience can rise to as high as £36,000.

As with any career, there are positives and negatives to working as a warehouse administrator in Leeds. Since you will be playing a central role in the warehouse you will have the chance to learn about how the industry runs. The skills you develop will be highly sought after from other warehouses across the city and even outside of the Other benefits to warehouse administrator jobs in Leeds include a varied working day, opportunities to work overtime and good long-term job security.

Starting salaries for warehouse administrator jobs in Leeds can be low. Furthermore, depending on your employer, you may be expected to work unsociable shift patterns, including nights and weekends. The role can be demanding, with high workloads and increasing responsibilities often causing stress from some in the role.

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