.net Backend Developer jobs in Leicester

There are a growing number of .net backend developer employers in Leicester across a varying number of businesses. This is due to increased reliance on companies to have strong IT and digital interfaces. There are 6,000 companies based in Leicester, so opportunities can be numerous. Large brands based here include Sytner, Next and Dunelm. Leicester benefits from a £20 billion economy, which has continued to grow year on year. So too has the need for .net backend developers.

There are nearly 400,000 people living in Leicester. It attracts people due to its strong history as well as a thriving sports, culinary and art scenes. If you want to learn more about the .net backend developer job description, continue reading below.

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General .net backend developer jobs in Leicester will mean you create code using .net programs. These will include C# and VB, however the specifications of this will vary between companies. The role also means you will be testing new apps, streamlining ones already in use and researching new systems to potentially adopt. .net backend developer hirers in Leicester expect you to be an expert in this area whilst also being able to adapt to new markets, trends and tech within the industry. You will also carry out the following, which are common to the role:

  • Troubleshooting flagged errors
  • Logging issues to prevent recurring errors in the future
  • Finding solutions via trial and error
  • Liaising with team members regarding forward strategy in development

Most .net backend developer employers in Leicester will expect you to have experience that is relevant to their requirements. Some companies may insist on a degree in IT or web development however this may not always be necessary. Knowledge of SQL Server and ASP.NET frameworks will also stand out in your application if you can prove you have this prior knowledge. To be considered for .net backend developer jobs in Leicester, you also need to have past experience in troubleshooting and have good communication abilities.
If you do not have any qualifications, you may be able to enroll onto an apprenticeship scheme which will give you the correct .net backend developer qualifications. Other skills for .net backend developer jobs include:

  • Eye for detail
  • Good with numbers
  • Ability to build working relationships
  • Ability to receive feedback positively

Most .net backend developer jobs in Leicester can open up new opportunities for you. You may have the chance to train new .net backend developers for other companies if you work for an agency. In terms of earning potential, junior web developers in Leicester typically earn £18,000 – 20,000 however this can increase to £35,000 with experience. If you reach a senior position such as a lead software engineer, you could earn up to £60,000 a year. However, it is also common to become a contractor and work for yourself before you get to that stage.

General .Net backend developer interview questions may revolve around where you want to go with your career, so showing emphasis on how you want to help the company will give you a good chance to be promoted.

Perhaps the biggest draw of .net backend developer jobs in Leicester is the high earning potential. Remote working is common which can help your work-life balance. This saves you money on travel and also gives you flexibility in the home. The work is also varied which can keep your daily activities fresh.

Working as a .net backend developer in Leicester does unfortunately include heavy workloads with tight deadlines which can be mentally exhausting. If you have to fix something at short notice this may also mean being on call during nights, weekends and Bank Holidays which can eat into your spare time, however this is rare.

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