2 Admin Officer jobs in Leicester

Working as an admin officer in Leicester gives you the chance to develop a long-lasting career in a stable sector. There are now over two million people working in admin positions across the country. There are over 42,000 businesses across Leicester, contributing towards a GDP of £23 billion.

Admin officer employers in Leicester operate across multiple sectors, so your tasks could differ depending on the industry. The local population has risen to over 425,000, and there has also been an increase in tourism figures. This has led to a thriving economy, with new companies appearing in a variety of industries.

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Admin officer jobs in Leicester require you to take notes, organise meetings and complete various data entry tasks. Admin officer employers in Leicester could also expect you to organise diaries, order stock and handle payroll. However, some organisations might see you as a personal assistant where your role could be more varied. This role can give you the chance to acquire a lot of new admin skills. This may involve working in other areas of a company, including sales, human resources and marketing.

GCSE qualifications in English and maths are expected before submitting your application for admin officer jobs in Leicester. Numeracy and literacy skills are likely to be needed to complete your daily tasks, so such qualifications are likely to be part of essential criteria. Many admin officer employers in Leicester offer entry-level positions. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will need many other qualifications.

Working as an admin officer in Leicester, you may have future opportunities to progress to senior admin positions. You can achieve this by performing to a high standard and exceeding company expectations. If you can display skills across different departments, you may also have opportunities to develop in those areas. As you may experience some HR or marketing tasks, future opportunities may present themselves if a company is thriving. Admin officer jobs in Leicester can sometimes be low paid. However, this is a secure area of work and you might have opportunities to increase your salary with promotions and bonuses.

With the record rise of new businesses in this Midlands city, this could be the perfect time to secure admin officer jobs in Leicester. Many organisations require high-quality admin professionals, so you should have no issues in finding a suitable position. This role should also provide you with a platform to build some strong working relationships. This could benefit you internally and externally, particularly if you aspire to become an admin manager.

Working as an admin officer in Leicester can sometimes mean that you have a low starting wage. A salary in the region of £16,000 – £18,000 can sometimes put suitable candidates off. This is low compared to the average salary for other industries in Leicester. Some of the tasks involved can also be quite menial at times. This can mean you do not feel like you are making a valuable contribution.

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