Compliance Auditor jobs in Leicester

Located within England’s Midlands, Leicester boasts a diverse population of around 420,000 residents. Today the city boasts around 42,000 registered businesses, many of which require the skills and knowledge of talented compliance auditors. Compliance auditor jobs in Leicester are looking for individuals with a compassionate outlook and superb compliance knowledge in their sector.

Leicester itself is a great place to live and work, offering a diverse social scene and plenty to see and do around the city and surrounding area. It has excellent road and rail links, providing easy passage to several major cities such as Nottingham, Birmingham, and Coventry.

To find out more about working as a compliance auditor in Leicester, including information on salaries and progression, keep reading.

To learn more about what it is like working as a compliance auditor in Leicester, including salary and progression tips, keep reading.

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In the modern world of business, compliance auditors play a crucial role in ensuring business practices are safe and legal. Compliance comes in many forms, and which you will need to have a solid grasp of within your employer’s industry when carrying out audits. Compliance auditor employers in Leicester range from medium to large-sized firms who hire in-house compliance auditors to compliance consultancy firms. You will take responsibility for assessing, evaluating, and reporting on your client or employer’s processes to ensure they meet government and industrial compliance standards.

Compliance auditor jobs in Leicester will expect candidates to perform the following duties:

  • Conducting audits of all relevant media
  • Assessing existing compliance processes
  • Reporting back your findings to relevant stakeholders
  • Collecting findings and making recommendations for improvement

To start working as a compliance auditor in Leicester you will need to have recent experience in a compliance related role or discipline. While it is not necessary to hold a specific degree to enter the compliance sector, most employers will ask that you be degree educated. Some compliance auditor employers may require you to have experience within their specific industry.

Compliance auditor jobs in Leicester are seeking talented candidates who demonstrate the following skills and attributes:

  • High ethical standards when dealing with sensitive information
  • An analytical and problem-solving mind set
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and spoken
  • Strong organisation skills with impeccable attention to detail

Working as a compliance auditor in Leicester will present you with ample opportunity to develop your skills and progress in your career. Depending on where you wish to work, you can choose from several available paths. You could become a compliance manager, overseeing a team of compliance auditors and compliance administrators. If you gain enough experience within a specific sector or industry you could become a compliance specialist in that area. Some compliance auditors become compliance consultants, offering their skills on a self-employed basis.

The average salary for compliance auditor jobs in Leicester is around £30,000, with potential for this to rise to £35,000 with experience. New compliance auditors can expect to receive a starting salary of around £23,000.

Compliance auditor jobs in Leicester offer a rewarding career path, however the role is not without its own set of pros and cons. Compliance auditors are under a lot of pressure, being the ‘go to’ person for advice and guidance on all things compliance. You will regularly deal with sensitive information and situations that may have breached compliancy regulations. You will have no room for error in your work as clients look to you for support and guidance. As an auditor, you will spend long periods of time analysing various pieces of media to assess its compliancy which can become boring to some.

That being said, people who enjoy the work of compliance auditing can expect to enjoy a fulfilling career. You will have the opportunity to continually develop your knowledge, usually supported by an employer. You will meet individuals at all levels across multiple businesses and lead stakeholders to achieve tangible results based on your suggestions. Compliance auditors enjoy excellent salaries and progression opportunities, with little to no work during weekends and other unsociable hours.

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