10 Fork Lift Truck Driver jobs in Leicester

If you are seeking new opportunities in the goods and distribution sector, then working as a fork lift truck driver in Leicester could be the ideal role for you. With a population of nearly 400,000 people, Leicester continues to excel in distribution and haulage thanks to its geographical location in the middle of the country. With 85% of UK households now regularly shopping online, the online retail sector is having to grow quickly. As a result, the number of fork lift truck driver jobs open in Leicester has increased. Continue reading to learn more about fork lift truck driver jobs in Leicester, including expected salaries and career prospects.

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Working as a fork lift truck driver in Leicester, your tasks are likely to be consistent from week-to-week. However, you may be asked to undertake different duties during busy spells. This could involve helping in areas of the warehouse that you may not be accustomed to. Your working day is likely to be spent operating a fork lift truck. This will mean unloading and loading vehicles ready for distribution, as well as moving goods and other materials to storage zones inside a warehouse or other facility. Fork lift truck driver employers in Leicester look for candidates with a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm. This is important because health & safety will be an important part of the environment you are working in.

You will likely not be expected to have any academic qualifications when applying for fork lift truck driver jobs in Leicester. However, previous experience could help you to stand out, particularly as warehousing involves many different skills. Some employers may help you gain your fork lift licence, whilst others will expect you to already have your licence when applying. Additional skills that many fork lift truck driver employers in Leicester look for include:

Being a strong team player
Excellent driving skills and spatial awareness
Being safe, calm and showing an understanding of health & safety
Hard working

There are various routes for you to progress in this sector. This is due to the ever-changing nature of distribution and increasing demand in the industry. Fork lift truck driver employers in Leicester continue to grow thanks to the region’s connectivity to the rest of the UK. Your starting salary is likely to be around £18,000 a year depending on your employers. However, there is generally good job security and your salary will rise with experience. If you perform to a high standard, then you may have the chance to progress to more senior positions, such as instructing new drivers, managing a team of drivers or even moving into another area of a warehouse, such as management.

Working as a fork lift truck driver in Leicester will give you the chance to undertake an active job in which you will be always have something to do.. Thanks to the growing demand for forklift truck driver jobs in Leicester, there are often many good opportunities. Furthermore, the skills you acquire will enable you to work in a variety of different industries, such as the aviation, automotive and retail.

However, the busy workload can put people off this job. You may be working in noisy, often dangerous environments. Low starting salaries can also be a deterrent for some. Furthermore, due to the nature of the industry, you will often be required to work unsociable hours that may include nights, weekends and Bank Holidays.

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