275 Recruitment Consultant jobs in Leicester

Recruitment consultant jobs in Leicester revolve around the need to place high-quality candidates with reputable organisations. Working as a recruitment consultant in Leicester enables you to operate in an extremely popular and profitable industry. The majority of roles can be found in agencies, where you should have the opportunity to specialise in certain areas. This could include IT, finance, procurement and marketing.
Leicester has a growing population and is closing in on entering the top ten most populated UK cities. Recruitment consultant employers in

Leicester could have the chance to work with some of the biggest organisations in the city. This could include Dunelm Group, Next and Barratt Developments. Working with some big names should mean that there are also plenty of commission opportunities for successful candidates. With salaries higher than the national average and steady overall employment growth, Leicester is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition for workers.

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It is important to build relationships with both clients and candidates when working as a recruitment consultant in Leicester. It is highly plausible that you will be heavily involved in all phases of the hiring process from two different perspectives. On the candidate side, this might include promoting roles, having phone conversations and making interview preparations. The other part of the role might include the initial pitch, liaising with different candidates and gathering feedback.

Social media is a major part of recruitment consultant jobs in Leicester. It is important that you are active and professional across multiple channels. This is where you will find a lot of potential applicants, plus it is also a tool which allows you to promote to a vast amount of people. Some other general tasks could include:

  • Preparing presentations for pitches
  • Having remote conversations using Skype or Zoom
  • Promoting an individual rather than a company
  • Giving feedback following interviews

Some recruitment consultant employers in Leicester may be looking for candidates who have obtained a degree at university. This has become more commonplace as there is an incredibly high number of applicants looking at making their way within recruitment. A-Levels are deemed to be even more essential in terms of the application criteria.

Some previous experience can also be important when applying for recruitment consultant jobs in Leicester. In addition, you may be required to have some experience in the sector you are wishing to enter. This would be alongside a general interest in both recruitment and the area that you are aiming to specialise in. The following attributes are considered to be important:

  • Approachable and personable
  • Motivated to improve personally and professionally
  • Ability to consistently meet targets
  • Creative with interviewing tips and techniques

Working as a recruitment consultant in Leicester can present you with some fantastic financial rewards. If you are able to meet targets on a regular basis, you should have frequent opportunities to gain commission. Furthermore, some recruitment consultant employers in Leicester may reward you with bonuses following high performance.

The basic annual salary for recruitment consultant jobs in Leicester is usually in the region of £23,000 – £27,000. However, the earning potential is much higher, and the industry is extremely secure. A progression route in this role may include the chance to become a senior recruitment consultant or even a manager.

Working as a recruitment consultant in Leicester appeals to many because of the opportunity to establish a successful career. Furthermore, this role gives successful applicants the chance to make a substantial amount of money. Earning commission is a sign that you are performing well, and this could lead to more seniority in the future. Recruitment consultant jobs in Leicester enable you to accumulate a lot of key contacts. These people can be extremely useful in terms of securing repeat business over time.

Some recruitment consultant employers in Leicester can be quite demanding at times. Organisations place a lot of emphasis on reaching financial goals. The industry is also very competitive in a big city such as Leicester. This can mean that there is some pressure in a role which will also be fast-paced. Operating from home in the evenings is a common theme, as you will sometimes find that you do not have enough time to complete work. You will also need to handle feedback from candidates in this role, especially if they have not secured a job.

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