Telesales Manager jobs in Leicester

Telesales manager jobs in Leicester are great roles if you enjoy a sales angle to a customer service position. Telesales manager employers in Leicester can be found in sectors such as retail, travel and IT. Your role should mean that you are managing a team of individuals, and you may be responsible for setting departmental targets and goals.

Working as a telesales manager in Leicester, you have the opportunity to operate in an extremely popular city. Leicester has a population of around 420,000 people and is just the outside the UK’s top ten highest populated cities. It is estimated that tourism contributes around £450 million to the local economy. This has played a key factor in a 3% growth in salaries across the city and the creation of more jobs in general.

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Telesales manager jobs in Leicester are fast-paced and busy positions. It is highly plausible that you will have a variety of inbound and outbound calls when working as a telesales manager in Leicester. This could involve making calls to secure a sale, or handling queries from existing clients or customers. Complete professionalism and an upbeat personality are required on an ongoing basis.

A key aspect of your position will be to enhance existing processes, with the aim of ensuring that your department is as efficient as possible. Securing quality employees and implementing the best technology is key. Your role should oversee both of these things. Other general tasks may include:

  • Providing staff appraisals
  • Ensuring department compliance
  • Constantly looking for better processes
  • Attending management meetings

Telesales manager employers in Leicester are unlikely to be looking for university degrees as part of their essential application criteria. Of course, this can help you to stand out, but previous experience is arguably more important for this role.

Experience of managing, building and developing a team is important when applying for telesales manager jobs in Leicester. This can be at one organisation or in a variety of locations over the course of your career. It is also possible to secure this job title by progressing internally or by moving from other departments that involve sales or marketing. The following attributes are considered important for this potential role.

  • Strong people management
  • Excellent communicator
  • Ability to influence others
  • Self-motivation and ambition

Working as a telesales manager in Leicester gives you the platform to form a long and successful career. The skills and experience that you can acquire are transferrable to other similar sectors. This could help successful applicants secure more senior roles in the long term. This role also comes with a lot of responsibility and you should be given the freedom to make key department decisions.

If you can thrive within telesales manager jobs in Leicester, you could have chances to gain more recognition. This can include bonuses or promotions, which can increase a starting salary of around £26,000 – £30,000 a year. Telesales manager employers in Leicester include some high-profile retail and technology organisations. Therefore, you could be in the ideal location to secure regular employment and repeat business.

Working as a telesales manager in Leicester is a fantastic way to improve your managerial skills. There has been an increase in the number of telesales roles across major UK cities, so the industry does have an element of security. Telesales manager jobs in Leicester allow you to dictate on strategies and you should be able to implement your ideas. Another plus point is that many online roles involve some remote working at times. This can give you great flexibility when it comes to your commitments at home.

Some telesales manager employers in Leicester can set some strict targets which need to be adhered to. Your working day is likely to be busy and you will need to combine your tasks with the management of staff. Evening and weekend work are a common theme of this position.

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