7.5 Ton Driver jobs in Liverpool

If you prefer a varied and physical job, travelling the length and breadth of the UK and working independently, then working as a 7.5 ton driver in Liverpool may be the ideal career for you. In haulage, every day is different as you move goods around Liverpool and further afield, often for different contractors and suppliers. You will be working alone and have a great sense of independence as you carry our deliveries for some of the largest businesses in the northwest. Liverpool contributes over £7billion to the UK’s economy yearly, and demand for exports has grown in line with Liverpool’s economic upturn.

To be successful, all candidates require a full UK driver’s license permitting Category C1 vehicles. Some of the biggest haulage companies in the northwest, such as Eddie Stobart, employ over 2,000 drivers, some of whom operate in Liverpool, and this has seen an increase year on year alongside demand for more drivers.

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Most 7.5 ton driver employers in Liverpool will expect you to take ownership of a variety of different jobs for a multitude of different clients, including the movement of livestock, food and building materials. You will be expected to meet deadlines and adhere to strict UK and EU driving laws, including speed, resting intervals and routes. A typical 7.5 ton driver in Liverpool can expect to drive anywhere between 400 and 1,000 miles a week delivering products throughout city and the rest of the country.

On top of driving, you will plan and maintain your own schedules and routes, whilst also participating in the loading and unloading of the goods you are moving. After deliveries, most 7.5 ton driver employers in Liverpool will require you to fill out log books and other relevant paperwork.

You will not need to study at university to get a job working as a 7.5 ton driver in Liverpool, but you will need to be over the age of 18 and have a full UK driving license. If you meet this criterion, you can train for a Certificate of Professional Competence, which is a legal document required for this role. Some specific companies may expect you to have GCSE’s in English, maths and science as a demonstration of your ability to follow instructions such as road signs, maps and satnavs.

Liverpool is one of the UK’s most populated and industrial cities, ranking 10th overall in GVA. It is because of this, coupled with a rise in investment in the city, that the need for logistics workers throughout the city has increased. Whilst working as a 7.5 ton driver in Liverpool you can expect to earn on average £10.00 an hour, which puts you above the average nationally.. Liverpool as a city has a rich history of music, sport, food and architecture, so you can always be sure to have something to do on your downtime.

7.5 ton driver employers in Liverpool will expect you to work irregular hours and shifts. Most workers testify to frequently being on rotas for weekends, nights and bank holidays, which can mean you have to juggle your personal time and any other commitments. Some workers also complain about tiredness and a lack of social life, so the role may be suited to someone who is happy working alone and without extra family commitments.

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