85 Accountant jobs in Liverpool

You can find accountant jobs in Liverpool in various industries, with a wide variety of opportunities open to this profession. You could be working for an accountancy firm, helping many different businesses, or for one of Liverpool’s large organisations. These might be in manufacturing, tourism, communications or retail. There is a strong economy in the city worth around £10 billion, with approximately 63,000 businesses operating here.

Prominent accountant employers in Liverpool include Lime Pictures, the UK’s biggest independent film production company. There is also food and drink brand Princes, car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover and Liverpool One, the biggest outdoor shopping centre in the UK. Liverpool is the fourth-largest UK city, with a population of 550,000. Its nightlife, music, sport, parks and architecture are just some of its assets.

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You will work on a range of duties as part of accountant jobs in Liverpool, all relating to finances. You could be giving financial advice to a business or carrying out financial audits. This means you will have to be constantly up to date with good financial practices. If you are working for a range of clients, duties can differ from those involved with assisting big companies. However, accountant employers in Liverpool will generally expect you to help them with all financial issues and ensure they stay profitable. You will likely be managing cash flow, improving financial processes, advising on taxes and keeping financial records accurate.

You will need to be skilled in numeracy and analytics for working as an accountant in Liverpool. There is a strong focus on relevant qualifications, with the starting point being the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians). If you do not have any experience, you could enter the industry by taking an apprenticeship. Some accountant employers in Liverpool may expect a university degree, so it all depends on where you apply. You will also usually need to have good business, problem-solving and IT skills.

Accountant jobs in Liverpool can give you good career prospects if you work hard and acquire the relevant qualifications. You can expect to earn up to around £30,000, depending on the employer, increasing to around £60,000 once you progress. If you acquire chartered accountant status, then accountant employers in Liverpool may pay you even more. The salary for these roles can be around £80,000 -£100,000. Once you have trained to the highest level of accounting, your career opportunities will be good in most industries.

Working as an accountant in Liverpool can be very rewarding in terms of job satisfaction, recognition and financial benefits. You will have a clear progression path in terms of the increasing levels of accountant status. If you become a manager or partner in a firm, you will have a financially valuable set of skills. There are also often bonuses involved with these roles.

Disadvantages of accountant jobs in Liverpool include their demanding nature, with a lot of potential pressure and responsibility. There will be no room for making mistakes in this role. You will suffer consequences if you cost the company money as your job is intended to keep your employer profitable. Training can take up a lot of your time and you may often have to work long hours.

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