38 Chef De Partie jobs in Liverpool

Working as a chef de partie in Liverpool involves the management of a specific section within a professional kitchen environment. There could be various sections involved, including fish, pastry or sauces. The role is also known as a line cook or station chef. Chef de partie jobs in Liverpool can be found in locations such as five-star restaurants, bistro’s and high-end hotels.

Chef de partie employers in Liverpool are looking for candidates who thrive in high-pressured environments. You will be a high-quality chef who is confident enough to manage other members of a kitchen team. Liverpool also boasts a number of reputable restaurants, which can provide great additions for your CV. With a growing economy and population, there should be plenty of roles available going forward.

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Providing a quality service within your section of a kitchen is a key part of chef de partie jobs in Liverpool. You are likely to be heavily involved in each aspect of your area. This could include ordering stock and preparing food dishes. You will likely be part of a close team and it is expected that successful applicants are able to train junior members of staff.

Working as a chef de partie in Liverpool can provide you with a varied role. You could be asked to help senior chefs develop new menu items, and you may also be asked to assist in taster evenings. Your role will get busier during holiday periods and it is important to ensure that your dishes are of the highest standards. Cleanliness is also vital, as your station will be subject to regular food safety inspections.

Some chef de partie employers in Liverpool can offer kitchen apprenticeships. This can be beneficial whilst studying for an NVQ or SVQ. There are also other ways into the industry, and roles can be secured at various stages of your career. Diplomas or BTEC’s in catering or professional cookery can help you to secure chef de partie jobs in Liverpool.

Previous experience is an important factor. As a fully qualified chef, you will be expected to have three or four years of experience in a busy kitchen. If you can combine this with some health & safety qualifications, then this should stand you in good stead. Other important attributes include the following:

  • Expert cooking skills
  • Ability to delegate tasks during busy periods
  • Hard-working and an excellent multi-tasker
  • Awareness of profit margins

Working as a chef de partie in Liverpool can provide you with a great platform to build a successful career. If you have a passion for producing a professional cooking service, then this is a fantastic location where you can thrive. Liverpool is regularly voted one of the most popular UK cities to work and live in. Therefore, the city can easily attract leading UK restaurant chains.

Chef de partie jobs in Liverpool are usually the first step to securing more senior roles in the long-term. Once you have proven yourself, chef de partie employers in Liverpool may encourage you to apply for positions such as sous chef or head chef. The average salary can vary for roles depending on the company. However, you can expect to earn a salary in the region of £18,000 – £25,000, with your earning potential increasing for more senior positions.

There are a lot of positives to chef de partie jobs in Liverpool. Cooking is a hobby for a lot of chefs, and you will therefore likely take great pride in your role. Working as a chef de partie in Liverpool also allows you to acquire lots of new skills. Furthermore, when you start to cook new dishes, you will naturally be able to widen your skillset. If you are able to progress, you may have the chance to complete more managerial tasks, which can also help with your progression.

Chef de partie employers in Liverpool expect efficiency and high standards at all times. This can be tricky to manage when you are dealing with multiple orders. Furthermore, if you are line managing other people, this can mean that your attention is taken away from your station. The nature of the industry usually means that you will likely be working some unsociable hours. This can affect your home commitments, especially as some shifts can be long.

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