1 Control Systems Engineer jobs in Liverpool

If you have a degree in electrical engineering and want to focus on specific and sometimes interdisciplinary topics, then working as a control systems engineer in Liverpool could be the ideal role for you. You will assess, innovate and optimise elaborate systems. This may consist of the integrated coordination of mechanical and electrical elements. Therefore, you will be dealing with a diverse range of dynamic systems, including human and technology interfacing.

Your goal will predominantly be to improve and speed up the rate of response and the stability of your systems. Liverpool is home to over 38,000 companies, with business services becoming an increasing important sector. Business services in particular are always looking for talented and passionate control system engineers as the industry grows year on year, with over twenty open job roles in Liverpool at any given time.

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Control systems engineer employers in Liverpool will expect you to implement new procedures that effectively improve costs, time and quality. As you may be working in a manufacturing environment, it is also important that you factor in human interaction with your systems to make sure both people and machines are working to their full potential. It is therefore vital that you monitor and maintain your workspace by acting on key managerial skills. Once these components are implemented, you will then be required to record this progress to ensure the consistency of your findings and input are maintained.

Most of the work involved in control systems engineer jobs in Liverpool is on computers using mathematical code. By using computer simulations, a control systems engineer can judge how to use a system’s variables and eventually a production line. You will then create software so this control can be applied in real-world situations with workers and clients.

In order to be considered by control systems engineer employers in Liverpool, you will be required to have a degree in electrical engineering. Although this is essential, many candidates will succeed if they also have a wide range of skills and knowledge in other areas, such as distributed control systems (DCS) or programme logic controllers (PLCs). If you have previous software development knowledge this will also be advantageous, as will having good communication and problem-solving abilities to maintain a smooth and efficient working area with your colleagues and clients.

Being a specialised career, working as a control systems engineer in Liverpool can be extremely rewarding, with salaries throughout the city averaging £40,000 a year. You will also gain experience in a high-pressured environment that can be translated into a multitude of different disciplines. You will work a 9-5 pattern, however, some engineers choose to work longer hours, including weekends, to ensure operations are maintained consistently.

Liverpool as a city is one of the main hubs of the north of England, with renowned links to Wales, Scotland and the east of England as well as surrounding settlements, many of which are home to residents that commute to Liverpool for work, therefore the quality of life can vary depending on where you choose to live.

Working as a control systems engineer in Liverpool can be stressful, with a lot of risks to monitor. This is because most control system engineer jobs in Liverpool also involve the supervision of teams and even departments. You will also maintain a high level of attention in your day-to-day work, so breaks are at a premium and lapses in concentration not tolerated. This is justified by the high earning potential and promising career path.


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