18 Marketing Assistant jobs in Liverpool

Formerly one of the UK’s most important trading ports, the Liverpool of today is very different from its nautical past. While still full of vibrant residents from a whole host of different countries and cultures, today’s Liverpool is much more cosmopolitan than seafaring. Home to around 550,000 people and 63,000 businesses, modern-day Liverpool is a great place to live and work. Not only is Liverpool close to the sea, it is also well-connected by road, rail and air.

A key team member within many of those 63,000 businesses is the marketing assistant. As the fourth largest city in the country, Liverpool’s prospects are continuously improving, including its job market. As such many businesses are looking to recruit talented marketing assistants. To learn more about Marketing Assistant jobs in Liverpool, including what salaries and progression opportunities to expect, keep reading.

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Working as a marketing assistant in Liverpool will likely involve taking an active role in all areas of an employer’s marketing efforts. As a junior member of the marketing team you will provide key support to the successful delivery of new and existing marketing campaigns. Marketing assistant employers in Liverpool are seeking candidates who are keen to developer their marketing skills and support their team’s efforts.

Marketing assistant jobs in Liverpool will usually expect you to perform these duties:

  • Supporting marketing campaigns across various platforms
  • Creating and proofreading copy for marketing publications
  • Generating and analysing performance reports across different platforms
  • Participating in campaign planning meetings and activities

There are no formal qualifications required to become a marketing assistant though most marketing assistant employers in Liverpool will ask that you be educated to degree level. Marketing jobs are highly sought after and competitive, so while you do not need to have previous marketing experience, but it does help. You will need to demonstrate a can-do attitude and a genuine interest in marketing as well being eager to learn and grow with the role.

As a marketing assistant you will support the team across all areas of marketing. These include: editing, copywriting, social media management, PPC, CRM, email marketing, data analytics, and SEO.
Marketing Assistant jobs in Liverpool are looking for candidates who possess these qualities characteristics:

  • A positive attitude and problem solving mindset
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Creative and solution oriented
  • Flexible and willing to try new things

Working as a marketing assistant in Liverpool is an excellent way to start a rewarding marketing career. From marketing assistant you could likely progress into roles such as a generalist marketing executive or into a specialist role like analytics executive. Beyond this, opportunities are available to progress into management and senior support within an organisation.

Most marketing assistant employers in Liverpool provide regular training and support to marketing staff to allow them to stay at the forefront of their efforts. You can expect to receive regular training and training support, as well as attending industry and professional events. Marketing assistant jobs in Liverpool offer an average salary of around £19,000, potentially rising to £25,000 with experience.

Marketing assistant jobs in Liverpool can be a rewarding career choice, however they offer pros and cons like any other job. Marketing assistants are often under a lot of pressure to deliver across multiple projects. You will likely work across multiple marketing disciplines which you will be expected to learn and balance equally. As a junior member of the team the work is relatively low-paid for the duties you perform.

However, the future is very bright for marketing assistants. The salary of a marketing assistant quickly rises to an above average one with in-demand skills to match. Your expertise in multiple areas of marketing will allow you to progress and move forward however you desire. Marketing professionals enjoy an excellent work life balance and excellent on-the-job benefits such as homeworking and flexible working hours. Additionally, marketing is currently undergoing immense growth and redevelopment, with new channels emerging annually, which offers fantastic progress potential.

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