1 Mental Healthcare Assistant jobs in Liverpool

Mental healthcare assistants provide a vital service to the people of Liverpool and its surrounding area. As key frontline workers, mental healthcare assistants provide skilled assistance to those with sensitive mental health needs. With over 550,000 residents, the people of Liverpool depend on the support and services of its mental healthcare assistants. Furthermore, as the city keeps growing and mental health continues to become better understood the need for their services will only grow.

As a city, Liverpool is an excellent place to base yourself. From its award-winning social scene to world-class arts and culture attractions, Liverpool has plenty to offer its residents. Beyond Liverpool, you can easily access other major cities, like nearby Manchester, by its strong road and rail network. Liverpool is also well serviced by its air and sea links. Keep reading to learn more about mental healthcare assistant jobs in Liverpool, including salary and progression information.

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Working as a mental healthcare assistant will likely involve undertaking a variety of duties dedicated to maintaining the welfare and safety of your patients. Mental healthcare assistants perform tasks such as observing patients, assisting with medication, assisting in assessments, reporting on patient wellbeing, and more. You will likely work as part of a team of mental healthcare assistants to support patients of all ages and backgrounds. Some mental healthcare assistants specialise in certain demographics while others may take offer a range of general services.

The typical duties of mental healthcare assistant jobs in Liverpool are:

  • Supporting patients in their day-to-day activities
  • Monitoring and reporting on patient wellbeing and activity
  • Assist in the administration of medication
  • Conduct regular welfare checks for patients

Most mental healthcare assistant employers in Liverpool do not require any specific qualifications or training to become a mental healthcare assistant. Most will ask that you hold at least GCSEs or equivalent in English and maths, and it is beneficial to have qualifications in areas such as health and social care. Primarily, you will need to display a genuine compassion for others and a vocation for supporting those in need. You will need to demonstrate you understand the duties involved in working as a mental healthcare assistant in Liverpool.

Mental healthcare assistant employers in Liverpool are seeking candidates with the following skills and personal attributes:

  • Kind and compassionate to all patients
  • The ability to keep calm and collected in a crisis
  • Able to maintain patient/carer confidentiality
  • Reliable and trustworthy

Mental healthcare assistant jobs in Liverpool offer excellent progression opportunities and can be a first step in a rewarding career for many healthcare professionals. Mental healthcare assistant employers in Liverpool are dedicated to providing the best service possible to their patients. As such you will receive regular industry-leading training in various mental health conditions, provided by your employer. On-the-job training is commonplace with many employers offering additional qualifications funded by themselves.

In terms of progression, there are lots of paths you could follow. As a mental healthcare assistant you might choose to specialise in the care and support of a specific condition. You could also become a team leader or area manager for other mental healthcare assistants. With additional training and qualifications, you could become a nursing associate or registered nurse. Mental Healthcare Assistant jobs in Liverpool offer an average salary of around £23,000, potentially rising to £30,000 with further training and experience. New mental healthcare assistants can expect to start on a salary of around £18,000.

As with any job, the role of mental healthcare assistant is not without its pros and cons. The job is incredibly demanding, both emotionally and physically. You will be active throughout your shift assisting patients with all aspects of life, from helping to cook and clean, to lending an ear to listen if needed. You will be expected to work various shifts across days, evenings, nights, and weekends. You will also have “on call” shifts where you can be called to work at any moment.

However, working as a mental healthcare assistant is incredibly rewarding. If caring for and helping others is your passion you will excel in this role. You will get to see your work make a real difference in the lives of the people around you. While doing so you will also develop vital skills and experience that will help you to progress within the mental healthcare sector. With additional training and qualifications the role becomes compensated well above the local average.

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