7 Personal Trainer jobs in Liverpool

The health and fitness industry in the UK is experiencing significant growth. Currently, there are around 6,700 health clubs around the country and almost 10 million of us are members. Liverpool has a young population and is following this trend with plenty of fitness centres spread across the area.

Many of Liverpool’s most health-conscious residents are also seeking the services of a personal trainer (PT). To learn more about personal trainer jobs in Liverpool, keep on reading. If you are a local looking for claims handler jobs near me or thinking of settling in the North West, keep reading.

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The easiest way to summarise the work of a personal trainer is that they help people achieve their health and fitness goals. Using a one-to-one approach to fitness with clients, personal trainers provide personalised support for clients. There are plenty of PT job opportunities in Liverpool, as the General Public is becoming more aware and engaged with their wellbeing.

Your responsibility as a personal trainer is to develop personal exercise plans for clients and support them in achieving their goals. As a personal trainer, you can expect your days to involve these tasks:

  • Meeting with clients to discuss their fitness goals
  • Monitoring client weight and taking body measurements
  • Developing a tailored fitness plan with your clients
  • Advertising and promoting your services to potential clients

Before looking for personal trainer jobs near me, there are various things you need to consider. We often get asked how to become a personal trainer, and the answer is relatively simple. The main thing is that you will need to hold a Level 3 Certification in Personal Training and have a passion for fitness. Firstly, however, you will need to acquire Level 2 qualifications in Exercise and Fitness and Gym Instructing.

Once you have these, you will be able to approach employers offering your services as a personal trainer. It is also possible to enter the personal training profession via an apprenticeship which will provide you with both on-the-job training and the necessary qualifications together. To succeed in personal trainer jobs in Liverpool you will need to have:

  • Excellent communication and rapport building skills
  • Empathy and understanding towards clients
  • Creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • Positive outlook and the ability to inspire others

Once you are able to look into certified personal trainer opportunities in Liverpool, you can start thinking about the future. There are many different routes personal trainers can take in their careers. If you work as an in-house personal trainer at a gym, you may go on to become a manager at the facility. If you have additional qualifications in nutrition you could also support nutritional guidance for customers. Some personal trainers also become self-employed, building and running their own fitness businesses using existing clients. As previously mentioned many personal trainers also boost their fitness offering by acquiring additional qualifications in nutrition. This opens the door to additional career paths, such as becoming a nutritionist.

The average personal trainer salary UK is around £20,000, but in Liverpool this is closer to £23,000. You can typically expect to earn less as a salaried personal trainer within a fitness centre than when self-employed. The average hourly rate for a self-employed personal trainer is around £25, however some can command fees of up to £200 per hour.

There are pros and cons to personal trainer jobs in Liverpool that may make it unsuitable for some. As a personal trainer you will really need to have a passion for health and fitness that you can demonstrate to your clients. The work can be physically demanding as you will be demonstrating and guiding clients on how to perform exercises. For some clients you may perform exercises alongside them. The work can also be irregular depending on the time of year, with peaks in January and dips in the winter months. You may also have irregular hours as you must meet the needs of your clients across evenings and weekends.

However, personal training is one of the most rewarding careers out there. You will get to witness first-hand the changes in your clients thanks to the support you have provided. You will get to know that you are making real changes for the better in people’s lives and are having a positive impact on your clients. You will get to have a lot of fun with clients and spend every day following your passion.

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