19 Php Developer jobs in Liverpool

As the UK’s fourth largest city, Liverpool has experienced massive regeneration efforts in recent years. And those efforts are paying off, with employers from all over choosing Liverpool as their new home. Several of these belong to the fast-paced world of tech and tech development, many amongst them requiring the services of talented PHP professionals.

With over 550,000 residents and 63,000 businesses calling Liverpool home, there is plenty of opportunity within the city, both socially and professionally. World-famous for its contributions to the arts, Liverpool has one of the best social scenes in the country. Beyond the city limits, Liverpool offers easy access to other major cities like Manchester by its excellent road and rail network. Keep reading to learn more about PHP Developer jobs in Liverpool, including insights into progression and salary expectations.

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Working as a PHP Developer in Liverpool will likely involve taking responsibility for all activities related to PHP development within an organisation. As a PHP developer you will be tasked with creating and designing elements of web programming. You will write, troubleshoot, and debug existing code as well as testing and developing new concepts for your employer’s website.

PHP Developer jobs in Liverpool will usually expect you to undertake the following duties:

  • Writing code for websites
  • Designing and testing new web applications
  • Working with graphic designers to design and test web layouts
  • Monitoring and A/B testing web traffic to make informed decisions about updates

While there are no formal qualifications needed to become a PHP developer, most PHP developer employers in Liverpool ask candidates to be degree educated. However, most employers prioritise practical experience and project success above formal qualifications. Many PHP developers develop their skills outside of an academic setting which employers recognise. During the interview stage you will likely be asked to perform a number of competency-based tasks as well as perform a portfolio review with the hiring managers.

PHP developer jobs in Liverpool will need to have a solid grasp of PHP scripts and other web-development tools, both front and back end. Alongside PHP skills, you will likely need a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, jQuery, and AJAX. To be successful when working as a PHP developer in Liverpool you will need to demonstrate these qualities:

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Able to work independently and as part of a wider development team
  • Flexible and creative, eager to develop and try new things
  • Willing to learn new things and develop as needed

PHP developer jobs in Liverpool offer fantastic opportunities for both personal and professional development. As web development tools are constantly updating and changing you will need to undertake regular study to keep up to date with the latest practices. Most PHP developer employers in Liverpool understand this, and support additional training as needed. There are many opportunities for progression within the tech sector for experienced PHP developers. Linearly, you could become a senior developer or tech lead or you could move into as supporting role like product owner.

The average salary for a PHP developer in Liverpool is around £30,000, with experienced developers earning up to £40,000. Junior PHP developers can expect to start on a slightly lower salary of around £25,000.

As with any career path, PHP developer jobs in Liverpool have their pros and cons. PHP developers are under a lot of pressure to deliver high quality results in limited amounts of time. Depending on your employer’s familiarity with tech and web development, you may not always be able to make changes as you want. You will likely be working on multiple projects simultaneously with strict deadlines to meet, potentially resulting in long working hours to deliver.

Positively, PHP developers also enjoy some of the best work-life balance on the market. Outside of deadlines, PHP developers typically enjoy a relaxed environment with flexible working hours and the option to work from home if needed. As businesses discover the power of digital PHP developers are in high demand with plenty of opportunities for progression. The role is also well-compensated compared to other salaries in the local area.

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