17 Sales Assistant jobs in Liverpool

Sales assistant jobs in Liverpool are frequently available across a wide range of sectors. The city is home to more new businesses than any other UK city outside of London. Many of these organisations have a sales aspect to their operations. There are also a number of department store positions available, with Liverpool boasting a highly reputable retail offering. Working as a sales assistant in Liverpool, you should have the chance to form a great career in retail, marketing or customer service.

The role should allow you to develop both personally and professionally. Some sales assistant employers in Liverpool represent many of the largest high street brands. This can be experience which is great to add to your CV, resulting in more opportunities going forward. Furthermore, you will be operating in one of the most popular UK cities, which is famous for its social scene and friendly atmosphere.

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Sales assistant employers in Liverpool are looking for candidates who are polite, professional and motivated. Furthermore, you should also be versatile as you may sometimes be required to help within marketing or customer service. Sales assistant jobs in Liverpool can vary, as there are a lot of different sectors and locations to take into consideration. You may be working in a department store, however office-based positions are also available. The latter may require more online expertise compared to an in-store role.

It is unlikely that many formal academic qualifications will be needed to secure sales assistant jobs in Liverpool. The position is normally an entry-level one, however GCSE’s in subjects such as English or maths will be beneficial. It is also possible to move into this area from other sales or customer service jobs. Working as a sales assistant in Liverpool, you are needed to be the face of an organisation in front of customers or clients. Therefore, you should possess the following attributes:

  • Excellent people skills
  • Professional and presentable
  • Upbeat and positive attitude
  • Hard-working and dedicated

Working as a sales assistant in Liverpool can be a great starting place for a profitable career in sales. You should have regular opportunities to prove your worth once you have completed your training. If you can perform to a high standard, you may be able to progress to a team leader or sales executive position.

Furthermore, you may have the benefit of a company bonus scheme. You should see an increase in sales assistant jobs in Liverpool at certain times. This is because Christmas, Easter and the summer holidays are busier periods, and more staff may be needed. Sales assistant employers in Liverpool will usually pay staff by the hour. However, office-based roles have a higher percentage of annual pay structures, ranging from £18,000 – £25,000.

Working as a sales assistant in Liverpool, you can expect to be on your feet for long periods. This can mean that the role is tiring at times, and you might also have to deal with some unhappy customers or clients. Therefore, you will need to be professional and resilient. It is likely that you could be working some unsociable hours, including weekends and evenings. This is due to the nature of sales-based roles, especially in department stores.

Sales assistant jobs in Liverpool are a great way to start your career in retail. There is a great retail offering in Liverpool, including Liverpool One and Grand Central Hall. This means that you are in the prime location and you could have the chance to work for some large organisations. The flexibility of sales roles also means that you might be able to combine two positions, which can sometimes result in a higher salary. Sales assistant employers in Liverpool could even implement a staff discount scheme, which can be another great perk.

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