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We found 140,783 Jobs in London

London is the UK capital city with a population of almost 9 million and is one of the largest city economies in the world. Greater London is made up of 33 districts, including the City of London, 12 London boroughs and 20 Outer London boroughs. Greater London has a population of approximately 14 million people, with the City of London and Greater London having separate governing bodies. London’s GDP is around £500 billion, approximately 20% of the UK’s GDP, with its economy bigger than several European countries. The Port of London alone handles 48 million tonnes of cargo annually. With approximately 250 languages spoken in London, the region is the most linguistically diverse in the world, as well as boasting global leaders in both business and culture.

Jobs in Greater London are dominated by the service industries, particularly finance and business services which account for almost half of the total £37 billion in annual good and services exports. As a result, approximately 3.2 million people work in service industries in Greater London. The finance sector is very strong in region, with more foreign bank employers present in Greater London than anywhere else in the world. Trading more US dollars than New York and more Euros than all other European cities combined, the London financial sector is a global hub that alone employs roughly 1.2 million people.

There are many jobs in Greater London thanks to its sheer size, national & global importance and continued investment. In addition to the large finance and services industries, the retail and construction sectors are also strong employers in Greater London, with each employing approximately 500,000 people. Other big employers in Greater London include media, IT, the environment and ecommerce.

The area is pushing certain sectors to the forefront in the hope of creating new jobs in Greater London, including e-industry, tourism and the environmental industry. Future plans for these sectors include measures to support and promote creative and environmental industries, developing key infrastructure projects, hosting major international events and promoting environmental business opportunities.

You should work in Greater London because it is one of only a few ‘global cities’ alongside the likes of New York and Tokyo. The city is the centre of operations for almost 2/3 of all Fortune 500 companies, and because of how expensive it is to live in London, most jobs pay a higher salary than anywhere else in the UK.

The city continues to be a vibrant centre for fashion, media and the arts, whilst new areas such as e-commerce and computing are emerging as the fastest growing sectors in London. Because of such importance, there are simply more jobs in Greater London across many different sectors than anywhere else in the UK. With more and more employers basing the offices and headquarters in the Greater London area, there is usually a much higher selection of jobs available in Greater London than anywhere else in the country.

Perhaps one of the biggest and most common reasons why you shouldn’t work in Greater London is because it is expensive. Of course, the majority of employers in Greater London understand this and offer higher salaries than anywhere else in the UK, this is often referred to as the London Allowance.

Many jobs in Greater London feature a commute. Not only can this be time consuming depending on the distance you are travelling, but also expensive and stressful. House prices in the area are famously high, forcing many people to commute further and further. Competition for jobs in Greater London can also be strong, with employers in Greater London often demanding in their hiring requirements. The fast-paced nature of a large city combined with the crowds can also be off-putting for some.