Aat Accountant jobs in London

Working as an AAT accountant in London is a good career to consider if you have experience in banking or finance. AAT accountant jobs in London are both rewarding and offer fantastic earning potential. Some of the biggest AAT accountant employers in London are found in banking and investment, however due to London’s economic expansion, AAT accountants are found in a wide variety of sectors.

With a population of over 8 million, London is one of the largest cities in the world. The city has become known as the world capital of financial and service industries, outperforming New York, Beijing and Tokyo. The local GDP is over £500 billion, which has led to London growing even further in popularity for foreign investors. With world class education, fantastic infrastructure and a diverse demographic, investors are coming here for the talent and the logistical advantage that being based in London brings. If this interests you, continue reading.

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Working as an AAT accountant in London will allow you to undertake a variety of different duties depending on the company you work for and the industry it operates in. Some AAT accountants work for an individual, whereby tasks are more specific, for example giving tax advice and keeping books. You will also need to be an economic expert who can identify changes in regulation and trends in the market. Some key aspects of AAT accountant jobs in London will include:

  • Providing financial feedback
  • Keeping companies updated on tax regulation
  • Analysing financial statements
  • Conducting annual reports and audits

AAT accountant employers in London will require you to possess necessary qualifications. These will include A-levels in English and maths, as well as a degree in accounting, business studies or finance. You may be able to get into the role via other means, however this may mean taking exams from your current position. You may also be offered an apprenticeship. However, this can be a longer route into the career.

AAT accountant jobs do open new doors if you can prove your worth to a business and you may be given a chance at promotion to a senior role such as office manager. The average salary for AAT accounting positions in London start at roughly £42,000, however as you gain more experience and become more qualified you may earn as much as £70,000. These courses can take up to five years to work towards and will require recommendation from senior members of staff before you are put forward for them.

You will also be able to network positively in the role. If you work for an agency with multiple clients you can expect to meet people from lots of different industries which will give you confidence to move careers if you desire a change.

When working as an AAT accountant in London the most important factor in you succeeding is making sure you are up to date with the latest regulations. This is because you will be responsible for maintaining accuracy in your reporting. Consequences can be severe including fines, dismissal or even legal proceedings. This means there is a great deal of responsibility in your role. Due to the nature of the job therefore, it is not uncommon for AAT accountants to take their work home with them in order to meet deadlines. This may also mean working evenings, weekends and some Bank Holidays.

However, AAT accountant employers in London do offer a career that is both rewarding and well paid. The acquired skills will allow you to take your experience into a vast array of different roles. It is also possible to gain different qualifications whilst working in AAT accountant jobs in London. You will also have the privilege of living in one the most culturally vibrant cities in the world.

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