2,156 Care Assistant jobs in London

Care can be an extremely rewarding field to work in, particularly in London, providing opportunities to help improve people’s standards of living. Care assistants work on the front-line of care delivery, enabling individuals to overcome everyday difficulties. There are approximately over 230,000 care assistant jobs in London with more than 190,000 of them being within the local authority and independent sectors. According to national data, the turnover rate of directly employed staff is more than 27%, amounting to approximately 48,000 leavers yearly. In addition, it is estimated that almost 10% of all available care assistant jobs in London remain vacant at any point around the year. Around 40% of the jobs available in London are zero-hours contracts, with the average hourly pay being £12.99 at local authority providers and £8.85 per hour in the independent sector.  

Apart from London care assistant jobs, job seekers can also find Support Worker rolesHealthcare Assistant (HCA)Care Home AssistantCare Worker and Carer positions. Clients for care assistants in London can include the disabled, elderly patients, long-term ill and individuals with learning difficulties, meaning jobs can be extremely varied. 

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Care assistants are in high demand and it is relatively easy to get a job in London. The major employers for care assistants in London are private or NHS nursing homessocial services as well as voluntary organisations and NGO’s. Moreover, care specialist agencies provide several care assistant work opportunities. In this case, employees are placed in a range of working environments depending on the needs, having the chance to explore which type of care work suits them best. 

There are over 800 care assistant providers in London, among them being 423 residential care homes, 233 dementia care homes and 150 London nursing care homes. Residential care homes vary in size and capacity and provide help with staff available 24 hours a day. As opposed to nursing care homes, residential care homes do not offer dedicated nursing care. Nursing care homes in London feature registered nurses on-site 24/7, whilst providing all the support residential care homes have. 

Typical London care assistant duties are wide ranging. Responsibilities vary depending on the client but typically revolve around helping them with day-to-day tasks as well as immediate needs like washing, dressing and maintaining hygiene. Moreover, main tasks of care assistants in London include organising and supporting clients during recreational activities providing emotional support and building up relationships. Care assistants also work closely with the families of clients. 

There are no academic qualifications or set entry requirements needed to get a care assistant job in London. Most of the times, employers expect good literacy and numeracy and may ask for GCSEs (or equivalent) in English and maths. In certain cases, employers in London may ask for a healthcare qualification, such as BTEC or NVQ, and might expect job seekers to have some experience of healthcare or care work. Healthcare or care work experience can be acquired through either apprenticeships or voluntary work. 

Furthermore, most care assistants in London receive on-the-job trainingwhich provides the necessary skills and qualifications. All care assistants who work in adult social care are expected to undertake a twelve-week induction programme to become trained in the basic aspects of being a care worker. Being a people-person profession, although certain qualifications aren’t demanded, it’s required that care assistants have certain skills. These include excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a friendly approach and the ability to put clients at ease 

Being one of the most in demand roles and with the highest vacancy rates in London, getting a job as a care assistant is easy, while also deeply rewarding. Career wise there are plenty of opportunities for progression. Care assistants in London earn more than similar positions in other UK cities. This job also offers various transferable skills that equip care assistants with the knowledge and experience required to work in various roles within the healthcare sectorFurthermore, being a care assistant in London means that employment opportunities are high, with a strong chance to ascend up the career ladder quickly. Among the top 100 healthcare employers, London boasts many, including Rivers Hospital – Ramsay Health Care, The South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre, Bupa UK and the Luton and Dunstable University Hospital. 

Apart from the unsociable hours, there are many challenges in working as a care assistant in London. The ability to maintain a level of detachment with clients as well as staying always on alert, are certainly some of the downsides to this profession. However, perhaps one of the hardest parts of a care assistants job is the need to switch moods at the click of a finger. One minute you could be breaking sad news to relatives or dealing with a sick resident, the next minute chatting cheerfully with someone  recoveringThis emotional rollercoaster oa normal day could prove emotionally draining. Finally, as life in London is more expensive than elsewhere in the UK, care assistants working there could face specific challenges linked to higher costs of living and pay disparities. 

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