151 Chef De Partie jobs in London

Chef de partie jobs in London require successful candidates to oversee the running of a professional kitchen department. You may be a specialist in meat preparation or sauces for example. Chef de partie employees are also referred to as line cooks. People working as a chef de partie in London can be found in large kitchens, such as hotels, sports venues and convention halls.

Chef de partie jobs in London are ideal for those who enjoy cooking within a fast-paced environment. Since you will oversee a particular section, chef de partie employers will expect you to take responsibility for your work, demonstrating confidence and positivity throughout your day-to-day work. If this interests you, continue reading below to find out more.

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Working as a chef de partie in London will mean you are in charge of a busy section of a kitchen. This means you will be involved in every part of the journey, from stock-taking to presenting dishes and everything in between. You may also be required to train new starters. Your duties will vary as a lot of venues change their menus on a daily basis. This comes with the underlying task of presenting food quickly and of high quality on a consistent basis. Some other duties will include:

  • Assisting head chefs to create new dishes
  • Regular cleaning of your department’s space
  • Producing quality dishes
  • Giving feedback to those under your supervision
  • Monitoring stock and portion sizes to ensure profit margins are always met

There are different ways you can follow in order to become a chef de partie in London. One of the most popular routes is to become an apprentice in order to sit the relevant NVQ or SVQs. Many working as a chef de partie in London do so, after studying in one of the city’s colleges. Having relevant qualifications in subjects such as hospitality management or business studies will help to strengthen your job application further. This is important as you will need to understand the intricacies of how companies operate.

Most chef de partie employers in London will require you to be fully qualified and have some years of experience in a busy kitchen under the guidance of another chef de partie. Hirers will also look for individuals with the following traits:

  • High attention to detail
  • Innovative with food
  • Good communication
  • Organised, hard-working and able to multi-task
  • Ability to delegate in a calm and professional manner

Chef de partie jobs in London can open many doors for your career if you want to take your passion for cooking to the next level. The role is often viewed as a step up in seniority in the industry and as a path into becoming a head chef. The usual career journey for those pursuing this profession will go from chef de partie to Sioux chef and move on to head chef. The number of new venues in London continues to grow on a yearly basis, with hospitality making up 12% of the overall economy of the city. This means that chef de partie roles in London can be found in many different sectors.

Working as a chef de partie in London comes with its positives and negatives. The role is seen as a natural step up for those wanting to become a professional chef. You will be given a chance to showcase your cooking abilities whilst running a team, which will make you stand out to those higher up. You will also learn skills that you can take into other roles if you want to move away from this industry.

However, chef de partie jobs in London can also be extremely challenging. It is a busy, competitive industry, where you will likely work on weekends, evenings and Bank Holidays, which can be mentally draining. Earning potential can be initially low, with most London chef de parties earning roughly £26,000. Whilst this is above the national average it can be particularly low for London’s expensive living costs. However, after gathering work experience you can always expect to get a reasonable salary increase and a good pay rise.

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