90 Compliance Administrator jobs in London

Compliance administrator jobs in London involve the need to ensure a company is compliant with all regulatory requirements and policies. The role represents one of the key employment opportunities in the finance sector, as risk and compliance continues to be a major part of business operations. Working as a compliance administrator in London can be rewarding but also challenging. You will need to have a strong eye for detail and an excellent understanding of all relevant policies and procedures.

London has a rapidly growing population of over nine million people, and there are approximately 1.1 million businesses operating in the city. The city also has an excellent offering when it comes to fashion, the arts and sport, with tourism numbers continuing to rise. As the city continues to thrive, more jobs are being created across various sectors, particularly in Greater London. Therefore, compliance administrator employers in London have the perfect base to operate from.

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Working as a compliance administrator in London is likely to involve a number of different tasks. This will also depend on the area you are working in. This is because compliance administrator employers in London operate in many different sectors. A main feature of compliance administrator jobs in London can centre around GDPR. This has become an essential part of compliance procedures and failure to implement the correct processes can have serious implications. Your other duties could include:

  • Producing risk assessment forms
  • Implementing any new law changes
  • Reporting issues to senior management
  • Training other members of staff

Previously, there were no set requirements for compliance administrator jobs in London. However, the role has become more important and you may require a degree in a relevant field such as business, law or economics. Despite this, many people working as a compliance officer in London have progressed through their current company into this position. It will also help your application if you have gained some qualifications from the International Compliance Association. It is likely that your future employers will also provide relevant training and pay for you to complete certain courses.

Compliance administrator jobs in London are in high demand, which has created a competitive job market. As the position grows in prominence, people working as a compliance administrator in London may have some opportunities to progress to a more senior job title. Development opportunities can involve moving into other areas where compliance is required, such as cyber security, online betting and auditing.

Compliance administrator employers in London may offer an annual salary of varying levels. Some companies who are not as well versed may offer around £20,000 – £25,000 a year. However, some organisations will realise the importance of securing a high-quality candidate and you can find positions available for around £35,000. This will naturally increase over time, particularly if you are able to progress to a managerial role.

Compliance administrator jobs in London can be quite demanding as a lot of collateral will have to be approved by your department. Therefore, you will need to advise others and ultimately be an expert in your area. The penalties for non-compliance can be quite severe so there is pressure within your team to ensure that no mistakes are made.

However, working as a compliance administrator in London also carries a lot of positives. The salary is generally high, and you will have regular chances to progress over time. Your role is a specialist position, so you will be given a lot of responsibility when helping your company to remove risks. It is likely that you will have the chance to work with various departments, which can help you to form some strong relationships. Compliance is more important than ever and if you have the necessary skillset, this could be the ideal career move for you.

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