12,502 Developer jobs in London

Developer jobs in London are becoming more prominent as organisations focus on utilising the latest software. Depending on the organisation, you might have the chance to develop websites and new customer journeys. The role also allows you to combine your technical skills with more creative front-end development work.

Developer employers in London operate in one of the busiest cities in Europe. Home to over nine million people, there are now over 1.1 million different businesses across the city. The city is continuing to thrive, with more people visiting year on year. This has created more jobs and more new businesses. There are plenty of development opportunities across the capital, and you should not find any issues when searching for a suitable position.

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Developer jobs in London can be extremely busy and varied positions. Many of your responsibilities could revolve around creating code. This will be used when testing new modules and reviewing existing processes. Working as a developer in London, you might be designing different operational programs. This is likely to be in the interest of increasing revenue streams for an organisation.

A key aspect of this position is to ensure that there are no errors after you have made your development updates. Making sure that all processes and systems integrate is crucial when it comes to efficiency. Other duties might include:

  • Developing new technical specifications
  • Analysing existing processes and making updates
  • Working with multiple departments
  • Meeting set sales targets across your department

Developer employers in London might request certain qualifications. A degree in an area such as software engineering or computer science could be beneficial. There might also be other routes into securing developer jobs in London. This can include industry-specific diplomas or other professional qualifications, which might not take as long as university degrees. Of course, some people might have progressed into the role from more specific IT positions.

Previous experience in a similar field might also be expected. You should have experience when it comes to multi-core CPU or SMP. Knowledge of different program languages such as C++ should also aid your cause. Organisations are looking to hire candidates who have the following attributes:

  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Good team player who can work well with other departments
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Analytical with previous development tasks


Working as a developer in London, you should have some fantastic career prospects. A range of different industries are seeking computer software skills. This is because of the competition in London, and importance of staying ahead of competitors. With the amount of new businesses in London, this should provide you with plenty of options in the future.

Developer jobs in London can also be rewarding once you have been successful in an entry-level position. After a couple of years, your responsibilities should increase, and you might be working at a higher level. This could include promotions to a team leader or managerial position, where you should have the chance to manage a small team. You should be able to start on a good salary of around £30,000, however the earning potential is fantastic. More senior positions should result in salaries upwards of £60,000 a year.

Working as a developer in London should give you a lot of job satisfaction. It is unlikely that many people in an organisation will possess your technical expertise. Therefore, you should have regular opportunities to make a real difference to a company. The salary is also above the national average; however, you should take the high cost of living.

Developer jobs in London can also come with some negatives. Being an expert in your field can come with some added pressures. This is because developer employers in London will expect fast results that make a difference. Therefore, you might be given some tough deadlines. Furthermore, some internal departments might think that your work requires quick updates to fix major issues. This is not necessarily the case, so the ability to influence others and build relationships is important.

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