10,043 Healthcare jobs in London

If you consider yourself a caring individual and are looking for a career where you can help others, becoming a Healthcare worker may be ideal. Given that the National Health Service is facing a shortage in its overall healthcare workforce, there are always healthcare worker vacancies available. In fact, London accounts for the highest amount of total healthcare worker vacancies across England with over 9.3% of healthcare worker jobs in London, compared to an average of 7.8% in other regions. So there are always plenty of healthcare worker jobs in London available to apply for on Zoek.

The healthcare industry has experienced a high reliance on overseas nationals over the years, with approximately 23% of healthcare workers in London reported to be non-British in 2018, compared with Yorkshire having just 6%. As a result, the General Medical Council (GMC) has urged for higher numbers of native job seekers to be trained as healthcare workers in London over the next 5-10 years in order to narrow the workforce gap. There are many healthcare jobs to venture in to, from receptionists and care assistants, to paramedics, doctors or nurses; it just depends how much you’re willing to train to raise your earning potential.

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You may opt to be a London healthcare worker within a hospital or care home, in either the public sector or private sector. Regardless of which type of employer you wish to work for, your duty of care is the up most important factor for this role, co-operating with other supporting medical staff such as doctors, nurses and midwives.

Working in the capital city can mean healthcare worker jobs are very demanding given the volumes of patients checking in and out daily. Part of your duties will involve making patients feel welcomed into environments they are not accustomed to, explaining any upcoming procedures and confidently aiding their health needs. You will be responsible for performing routine checks on patients, such as taking their heart rate, blood pressure, any lab samples required, and ensuring they are taking their medication properly. The hygiene and cleanliness of a patient is also supported by those in healthcare worker roles.

In order to be a successful applicant for a healthcare worker job in London, it is not essential to have any formal qualifications on your CV. What is important however, is to show you have proven abilities to conduct the role to a high standard based on your past work experiences and skill set. Since you will be expected to work closely with people in ill-health, interpersonal and communication skills are essential.

Healthcare workers in London need to have high levels of patience and flexibility, be adaptable and assertive when facing problems, and demonstrate both non-verbal and verbal communication skills. Those who have undertaken previous work experience, whether that’s in the form of voluntary, apprenticeship or paid work, may gain an advantage when interviewing for a healthcare role since they will be able to back up points about what they are capable at using these examples.

If you think of yourself as a ‘people person’ and enjoy both the social and caring elements of healthcare work, the job itself can be deemed very rewarding in the long run. Using your talents to treat a patient and contribute to making them well again can be a humble advantage, providing job satisfaction.

Given the continuous rise in demand for healthcare services in London, job seekers can be confident about their job security and progression opportunities with the field. What’s more, many healthcare employers such as the NHS offer up to 41 days of annual leave entitlement (including public bank holidays) depending on the number of years’ service given. Generous pension schemes and flexible working hours are also perceived as pros, especially for those with families striving to achieve a positive work-life-balance.

On the flip side, the very nature of working in healthcare can become demanding due to its 24/7 around the clock operations and is known to take its toll on emotions after time. Healthcare workers in London are faced with unsociable, interchangeable long working hours as many employers will carry out differing shift patterns, including early starts, daytime hours, or night shifts. Consequently, studies have shown that those working in healthcare develop heightened sleep disturbances, increasing the risk of weight gain, work related stress, and fatigue-induced patient errors.

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