91 Hgv Driver jobs in London

If you have a passion for working independently or wish to take a step up from light transit to heavy haulage, then working as an HGV driver in London may be the ideal career for you. You can register with Zoek for more details on how to apply.

In London, there are over 21,000 registered HGV vehicles involved in the safe and secure movement of heavy goods around the city and beyond. Some of the goods you may have to transport vary from food produce to building materials, and so the variety of jobs you can apply for is very broad. On average, over 100 vacancies for HGV driver jobs in London are available at any given time. You can login with Zoek to start applying for HGV Driver jobs in London now.

The main bulk of your responsibilities will be spent on the road; collecting and delivering heavy goods often for different contractors. When not driving, you will likely be planning delivery schedules and routes with your seniors, helping to load and unload goods, carrying out risk assessments before and after every journey and completing post-delivery paperwork. Whilst you will be working independently, the role requires a team ethic to make sure deadlines and delivery schedules are met.

HGV driver employers in London will not require you to have a degree when you apply for the role. However, they may prefer candidate with GCSE’s in English and maths to show analytical ability for delivery reports, maps and timekeeping. You will also need to have a driving license that includes LGV for lorries (category C), be over the age of eighteen and have a Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence).

Aside from legal documents, hirers will look for candidates with prior knowledge of transport methods and costing, physical fitness to stay alert and help unload vehicles, customer service skills and the ability to remain patient during stressful moments. If you have previous experience working with smaller delivery vehicles, such as 7.5 tonnes or transit vans, this will also be beneficial.

London is the 3rd most populated city in Europe and has a GDP of over £760billion. As a result, the growing economy has led to a significant rise in the need for HGV drivers in London. Your salary can vary depending on whether you work day shifts or nights. However, in London you should not expect to work for less than £13.00 per hour. In some instances, this can rise to £22.00 if you work weekends or nights. London also has a rich culture of diversity, and so you can expect to work with a range of people from all over the world and in different industries.

Working as an HGV driver can be demanding. A regular working week can be anything up to 60 hours, and you will often be expected to make overnight stays, take sporadic breaks and drive slowly in comparison to others on the road. London is also heavily congested, with the M25 being the busiest motorway in Europe. As such, haulage in the region can be a frustrating role. Nevertheless, the job does open doors for roles in other areas, and may give you a license to haul goods throughout the UK and abroad.

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