Hospital Doctor jobs in London

The majority of hospital doctor jobs in London reside in the public sector, with the NHS being the largest employer in the UK. There are an increasing number of jobs in the private sector as well. In London alone, there are 296 hospitals and clinics that practice this vocation, and a further 102 health charities that also look for doctors to work in London. General duties can include assessing a patient’s medical status, prescribing medicine, diagnosing diseases to aid treatment and help maintain a patient’s condition. There are also a wide range of specialities from being a general practitioner to a surgeon. Hospital doctor employers in London therefore vary in who they are looking for to succeed in these roles.

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When you become a doctor, your duties will vary depending on your specialised area. For example, working as a hospital doctor in London will differ significantly to working on a psychiatric ward. You will examine and diagnose a patient to determine their condition, construct and analyse records for further treatment and conduct acute procedures tailored to your department such as surgery or medicine prescription. You will also play a key role in the support and development of your nursing team who can aid you in the care of patients and play a key role in your day-to-day practices. Working as a hospital doctor in London will mean therefore that you experience a great amount of accountability for your work.

Working as a hospital doctor in London will require qualifications; this means you will need a degree in medicine, one recognised by the General Medical Council. Furthermore, you will also be required to undertake general training programmes, as well as key courses in your chosen field. A medical degree normally takes six years to complete and includes work placements and exams throughout.

Aside from academic qualifications, employers will look for someone who is able to undertake multiple tasks at once, can show an empathy for others coupled with a strong commitment for caring and be able to solve problems under pressure. You will not be afraid of hard work and you will have a keen eye for detail. As in all jobs, employers will look for great personalities alongside the most qualified, so further ability to demonstrate you are a team player can be a unique selling point, for example experience in a sports team or other club that requires commitment, multitasking and teamwork.

Hospital doctor jobs in London you will earn you on average £60,000 per annum, with earning potential of up to £120,000 depending on experience, making doctoring one of the highest paid vocations in the UK. Of course, being a doctor is highly rewarding in nature; giving you the knowledge that you are helping some of the most vulnerable people in society. As a hospital doctor in London you will also have the privilege of working amongst some of the most diverse ethnic groups in the world, with 10% of doctors being EU nationals and a further 13% originating from India, Africa and East Asia alone.

As with a lot of medical and healthcare jobs, there is a need to be emotionally stable. The job frequently requires delivering bad news to relatives of deceased, as well as diagnosing terminal illnesses in front of patients themselves which can have an emotional toll. As a city, London has a multitude of different health organisations, so you will likely be required to travel if you work there. London’s public transport can cost as much as £350 per month for use of the entire underground network, on top of the already high cost of living. London requires more hospital doctors in order to remain at the forefront of modern healthcare in the UK. As such, hospital doctor employers in London are looking for the best talent to drive this vision forward.

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