Insurance Claims Account Handler jobs in London

Insurance claims account handler jobs in London offer a fantastic opportunity for you to enter the finance and insurance industry. The role is popular in London due to the city being a world hub for financial services. With a population of 9 million and a GDP of over £500 billion, London is not short of opportunities. This, along with a vibrant culture of sports, art and nightlife, makes London one of the most popular places to live in the world.

Insurance claims account handlers are required to cater for the growing number of people requiring protection. This could be in multiple different areas, such as housing, motoring, life insurance or business insurance. Therefore, opportunities are numerous, and the role tends to be similar across all these sectors. If this interests you, continue reading below.

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Working in insurance claim account handler jobs in London is a customer services role. Hirers advertising an insurance account handler job description will expect you to make the client journey easy and efficient from the first phone call to the last. This is because it can leave a lasting image on your customer’s views of the company. You will be tasked with handling customers claims they make.

It is important to be sensitive with this information as many of your clients may have been in accidents, had bereavements or seen their businesses experience difficult times. This will mean taking details of their claim and forwarding them to a claims review specialist who will assess the validity of the claim and carry out an investigation. All of this must be done with the greatest discretion whilst abiding by GDPR laws.

It is unlikely that you will be expected to have formal qualifications before applying for this role, however, any qualifications you do have will benefit your application. Instead, hirers will look for previous experience in a customer services role. If you have experience working with people directly this will also be beneficial, so you may be considered if you have worked in retail or hospitality. You will also be considered based on how well you answer claims handler interview questions.

Hirers will also look for candidates with the following attributes:

  • Good rapport building
  • Strong eye for detail
  • Ability to manage a heavy workload
  • Warm and approachable
  • Compliant

Claims account handler jobs in London will allow you to progress your career if you are driven and committed to your role. An insurance claims handler salary starts roughly between £28,000 and £32,000. However, this will go up with longevity and as you apply for more senior positions such as claims manager or team supervisor.

Once you are in these roles you will be able to express yourself significantly and shape departments to your leadership style. The skills you pick up will also be transferable into other roles, such as IT, banking, retail and legal. This is good as your options will be more open going forward.

The role has been pluses and negatives. Due to the nature of the market operating 365 days a year, it is not uncommon to work weekends and evenings as well as some Bank Holidays. This can be at detriment to your work life balance. You will be offered better hours depending on your experience in the role. Some workers testify to the role being quite low paid for the amount of work you carry out, especially in a city as expensive as London.

However, the role can be very rewarding, knowing you are helping people overcome issues. You will be offered chances to excel your career by sitting exams and training to boost your chances of promotion. You may also see the role as a mean to apply for another industry that requires compliance in order to succeed. London is also one of the most multicultural cities in the world so you can expect to work with a vast array of different people.

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