8 Laboratory Assistant jobs in London

Working as a laboratory assistant can give you opportunities to progress in many different areas. Laboratory assistant jobs in London involve duties such as sampling, testing and providing results. Your role as an assistant will be to help senior professionals fulfil various tasks. Laboratory assistant employers in London can be found across multiple sectors such as food manufacturing, hospitals and cosmetics.

More laboratory workers ply their trade in London than anywhere else in the UK. Furthermore, London is also home to more UK businesses compared to other cities across the country. The area is attracting more and more visitors each year, leading to a very secure economy. Over 200 different languages are spoken across the city, which attracts laboratory professionals from all over the world.

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Laboratory assistant jobs in London can vary depending on the sector you are working in. Roles within healthcare organisations may result in some more senior duties, compared to working in food production. Working as a laboratory assistant in London, you will be reporting to a senior member of the team. As well as carrying out tasks as part of scientific processes, you should be pro-active when seeking further responsibilities. Key aspects of your role could include:

  • Testing various products and materials
  • Preparing samples ready for testing
  • Using various types of lab equipment
  • Presenting results to senior stakeholders

The majority of laboratory employers in London may expect you to have qualifications in further education. This could include a degree in areas such as biology, chemistry or physics. However, some organisations may accept science qualifications at GCSE or A Level. Laboratory assistant jobs in London are usually entry-level positions, therefore previous experience is not normally considered essential application criteria. Although, it is beneficial if you have the following skills:

  • The ability to adapt quickly to new technical equipment
  • Good attention to detail
  • Professionalism with all samples
  • Excellent time-management skills

Laboratory assistant jobs in London can provide you with some fantastic career prospects. There are multiple sectors who require expert laboratory professionals. Furthermore, you will be based in an area that has experienced a rapid rise in new businesses.

Laboratory assistant employers in London operate in areas such as pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Your salary when working as a laboratory assistant in London could vary. Entry-level positions are likely to be around £18,000 – £20,000, whereas more senior positions could be around £30,000. Rewards for high performance could involve promotions to team leader or managerial positions.

There are many positives when working as a laboratory assistant in London. The experience and skills that you can acquire could be invaluable in the future. You might have opportunities to choose which sectors you operate in going forward. Laboratory assistant jobs in London also provide you with long-term security. It is likely that you may also eventually have some flexibility with your working hours.

However, laboratory assistant employers in London can often place a lot demands on employees. Strict deadlines are made to be followed, and accuracy in this area is crucial. Inaccuracy when it comes to handling samples can have drastic consequences. This means that there can sometimes be an element of pressure for this position. The starting salary for this role tends to be quite low as well. This is not helped by the fact that the cost of living in London is particularly high.

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