261 Php Developer jobs in London

The e-commerce industry has changed significantly in recent times, creating more PHP developer jobs in London. As one of the most popular programming languages for websites, PHP is showing no signs of decline. PHP developer employers in London have a regular battle to stay ahead of competitors. Therefore, it is important for them to secure candidates who are up to date with the latest development trends.

Working as a PHP developer in London, it is important that you ensure that the web applications that you develop can integrate successfully with front-end projects. Furthermore, you are in a great location to find regular work. There are over 1.1 million businesses trading in London. This has contributed to one of the strongest economies in Europe. Some of the biggest online companies are searching for developers, including the likes of Google and Facebook. You should be able to find plenty of positions across a multitude of sectors.

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PHP developer jobs in London involve the need to create code for various programmes. You may need to monitor front-end performance, maintain a central database and develop server-side logic. It is important to develop a thorough understanding of different front-end processes and technology. However, you should also have an understanding of how your work can make a positive financial contribution to an organisation. Working as a PHP developer in London, your duties may include:

  • Building and testing new modules
  • Revamping existing technology
  • Solving performance issues
  • Integrating data into email software platforms

PHP developer employers in London may expect you to have obtained a degree at university. This could be in a variety of IT-based areas including computer engineering. However, it might be possible to secure PHP developer jobs in London through other means such as apprenticeships. As long as you can showcase your skills, it is possible to grow in this industry. If you do have previous experience, this should help you to stand out. There are also some key skills that are required before undertaking this type of role.

  • Knowledge of different frameworks
  • Experience with design work
  • Understanding of security compliance
  • Able to influence other people

If you can work hard and contribute towards the success of an organisation, you should thrive in this role. PHP developer jobs in London are extremely popular and highly sought after. This is because the salary and future prospects are so appealing. PHP developer employers in London should generally offer a salary of around £25,000 for entry-level roles.

Once you establish yourself, you may be given more responsibility and some supervisory tasks. This may also include progression into more senior job titles, which can double your salary. Working as a PHP developer in London, you should be able to acquire some fantastic skills. These skills can benefit you internally and externally, and can help you to progress over a period of time.

Working as a PHP developer in London involves a lot of positives. If you possess the right skills, there are regular opportunities in a city which has more UK businesses than anywhere else. PHP developer jobs in London are available in multiple industries as the role grows in demand. It is also unlikely that many members of staff will have your skillset. Therefore, you should have plenty of chances to influence others and implement your ideas.

PHP developer employers in London can sometimes give you a heavy workload. This can mean that you can be in quite a pressurised environment. It is also highly likely that your working environment will not change much throughout the week. This is because you will be hard at work at your computer screen for long periods. As you will be working alongside other departments, you should also have a resilient personality when it comes to receiving feedback.

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