3,596 Recruitment Consultant jobs in London

London is experiencing never-before-seen levels of economic growth and development. In fact, the new jobs are being created in London at a faster rate than anywhere else in the country. Around 35% of all new jobs in the country are in the capital. As a result, there has never been a better time to be working as a recruitment consultant in London. With new jobs come new opportunities, and London employers need talented recruitment consultants to find the best candidates.

As the UK capital, London is an amazing place to live and work in. The city rarely stops, with something always happening somewhere across the city. Known worldwide as a global trendsetter, London is one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the world, not just the UK. When in London, you can enjoy some of the world’s finest bars, restaurants, art galleries, and museums. Furthermore, if you want to get out and about, London is well-connected to the wider UK by road, rail, and air links. To learn more about Recruitment Consultant jobs in London, including information on salaries and progression opportunities, keep reading.

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Recruitment consultant jobs in London encompass a large mix of recruitment related tasks. You will be an active partner for your client throughout the entire recruitment cycle. This includes everything from initial client consultation through to finalising start dates and paperwork. You will need good interpersonal skills, be eager to help and determined not to settle for second best. You will be involved in new business development tasks, reaching out to local employers and selling a company’s services on behalf of an employer.

Recruitment Consultant employers in London will typically ask you to perform these duties:

  • Research and reach out to local employers
  • Write, post, and respond to job advertisements across multiple platforms
  • Conduct screenings and interviews with potential candidates
  • Monitor and manage an active database of jobseekers

You do not need to have any specific experience to begin working as a recruitment consultant in London. However, most employers will ask that you be degree educated and have demonstrable sales or customer service experience. Previous experience in a recruitment-focussed position is also beneficial. The most popular entry path into recruitment is to embark on a post-graduate placement scheme aimed at new graduates.

As recruitment constancy includes a lot of new business development and business retention activities. You will need to be able to bounce back quickly from rejection and overcome client objections.

Recruitment Consultant jobs in London are seeking candidates who display these characteristics:

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent intrapersonal skills
  • Astute business acumen
  • The ability to keep a cool head under pressure

Recruitment consultant jobs in London can open the door to a potentially long and lucrative career in the recruitment industry. You will likely receive regular on-the-job training to keep your industry knowledge topped up. If you specialise in a specific industry, you could also expect to attend industry events to keep up to date in that field. Progression wise, you could expect to move into roles such as senior recruitment consultant and recruitment manager. Beyond this, roles such as area manager, recruitment director, and business partner begin to open up. Successful recruitment consultants with a strong network can also go on to open their own recruitment businesses.

Recruitment consultant employers in London typically offer an average salary of around £24,000. Experienced recruitment consultants can expect to receive up to £30,000, whereas new consultants usually start around £20,000. Regardless of experience level, most recruitment consultants also receive a performance-based commission on top of their base salary.

As with any role, recruitment consultant jobs in London bring their own unique pros and cons. The role is very intense, with high targets to meet and strict deadlines. You will be expected to be ‘on call’, taking calls and enquiries from candidates at all hours, even outside of work. As London is the nation’s capital, competition is extremely fierce within the recruitment sector.

Positively, recruitment consultants receive some of the best commissions on the job market. A successful recruitment consultant in London could expect to double, or even triple, their base salary in commission. While largely office based, the role allows you to get out and meet lots of new people when conducting new client and candidate meetings. The sector is very fast-paced, with progression being no exception. Talented recruitment consultants can expect to be see progression opportunities open up swiftly within their business.

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