464 Sales Assistant jobs in London

As one of the premier sales destinations in the world, London is a fantastic place to enjoy a career as a sales assistant. Sales assistant jobs in London can be found in many different sectors. From world-class designer boutiques to quirky independent retailers, London’s shopping scene is second to none.

As a place to live, London is the liveliest city in the country, with something always going on to keep you busy. You will enjoy a vibrant and multicultural location where individuality and creativity are celebrated. Today, the Greater London area has a population of nine million people, almost 15% of the UK’s entire population. As a result, opportunities are abound in the nation’s capital.
To learn more about working as a Sales Assistant in London, including information on salaries and progression opportunities keep reading.

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Sales assistant jobs in London will ask you to complete a range of tasks relating to the assistance and support of customers. Sales assistant employers in London will expect you to participate in all areas of store management, from refreshing stock to dealing with customers. As a sales assistant, your goal is to earn more money for your employer’s business so you will be expected to guide and influence customer purchasing decisions.

Typically, your day to day duties will include:

  • Assisting customers in purchasing decisions
  • Upselling and cross-selling additional items to customers
  • Maintaining stock levels within your retail space
  • Operating the store’s checkout

You do not need any specific qualifications to become a sales assistant. Sales assistant jobs in London are primarily looking for customer-focused individuals with a knack for selling. You will need to be an excellent communicator who can spot and make the most of the opportunities they are presented with.

While some employers may ask for previous retail experience, this is not always necessary. Many sales assistant employers in London are willing to take on and train those who show potential. To be successful when working as a sales assistant in London, you will need to be:

  • Attentive and responsive to customer needs
  • Polite and professional at all times
  • An excellent communicator
  • Hardworking and eager to learn new things

Working as a sales assistant in London opens multiple opportunities to you. From sales assistant, you could go on to become a team leader or team supervisor, eventually moving to sales or store manager roles. Depending on the size of an employer’s business, you may become involved in staff training.

Some sales assistants also use the multitude of transferrable skills they acquire to find gainful employment outside of the retail sector. Sales assistant jobs in London offer an average salary of around £19,000, potentially rising to £24,000 depending on experience and employer.

Like any role, sales assistant jobs in London have their own unique set of pros and cons to consider before accepting a job offer. Sales assistants often work irregular hours with no set shifts. Late nights and weekend work are normal within the retail space, meaning you will likely work a lot of unsociable hours. You could also expect to work irregular shifts, having no set working pattern and being called in to work as and when needed. The average salary for a sales assistant is relatively low compared against the area’s living costs.

On the other hand, sales can be extremely rewarding. Depending on the employer, you could potentially earn well above your salary with performance-based commissions and bonus schemes. You will get to meet lots of people from all over the world and learn lots of new things on the job. You will be given the opportunity to develop your skills as a salesperson and progress quickly within your employer’s organisation.

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