685 Sales Manager jobs in London

As the retail capital of the world, working as a sales manager in London can be an extremely rewarding and lucrative career choice. While sales managers work in businesses of all types, there are approximately 43,000 retailers in London. Whether you choose to work in a retail, office, or a contact centre setting, a sales manager’s daily work is never dull.

Around 30 million tourists from around the world visit London each year. When also taking into account the roughly nine million people who call London home, sales in London is big business. Furthermore, London is truly a city that never sleeps, meaning sales managers have their hands full with London shoppers.

To learn more about sales manager jobs in London, including what salary and progression opportunities to expect, keep reading.

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Working as a sales manager in London means that you will be responsible for driving sales to your employer’s business. You will lead a team of sales supervisors and sales assistants to ensure daily, monthly, and quarterly sales targets are being achieved. Alongside ensuring sales targets are being hit, you will be responsible for the coaching and mentoring of sales staff.

Most sales manager jobs in London will ask you to perform these duties:

  • Manage staff attendance, creating shift rotas and managing sickness/holidays
  • Monitoring and tracking staff performance
  • Creating and implementing strategies to hit sales targets
  • Recruiting and training new sales staff

You do not need any particular qualifications to become a sales manager. What many sales manager employers in London are more focused on is work experience. London employers are looking for sales managers with demonstrable experience of leading a sales team and delivering results. Additional training in areas such as staff management and Health & Safety is beneficial but not essential. Many sales manager jobs in London seek candidates with the following skills and attributes:

  • Empathetic and supportive of staff
  • Results driven
  • Flexible in their approach to problem solving
  • Excellent communication skills

There are many opportunities available for sales managers to progress. Within your employer’s business, you could progress into roles such as area, district, or operations manager. You may even become a business partner. You may be able to use the multitude of transferrable skills you have earned to move sideways into other roles. Popular sector changes for sales managers include learning and development, human resources, and customer services.

The average salary for sales manager jobs in London is around £42,000, potentially increasing to £50,000 with strong performance and experience. Sales manager employers in London also typically offer additional performance based bonuses and commissions for sales managers.

Sales manager jobs in London offer excellent salaries and progression opportunities, but the job is not without its pros and cons. Sales managers can expect to be under a lot of pressure from senior stakeholders to deliver results. When on the job you will have little to no down time and will be expected to be “on call” outside of work hours. You will need to handle sensitive situations with staff at all levels which can be emotionally tiring. The job itself has long hours with irregular shifts and working hours.

Positively, sales manager jobs are excellent for results-driven individuals who like to see tangible results for their efforts. The role is well compensated, and bonus schemes allow you to earn well over your basic salary with strong performance. If you are a people person, you will get to watch staff develop into competent sales people under your guidance.

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