22 Seo Account Manager jobs in London

SEO account manager jobs in London have gone from strength to strength in recent years due to the city’s increased investment in digital platforms. Many companies now have an online presence requiring an SEO specialist, either internal or outsourced, to monitor the content and performance of their websites.

Being one of the largest economies in Europe, London has a growing number of businesses in finance, banking, marketing and retail that rely heavily on the customer journey being focused online. With a population of 9 million and a thriving nightlife and arts and sports scenes, London is one of the most popular places in the UK to live and work in. Continue reading below to find out more.

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Your main duty when working in search engine optimisation account management will be to streamline and improve internet search results for your company. In simple terms, this means you will improve how highly your company appears in online searches. You will need to ensure the clicks you are receiving are converted into sales to boost the efficiency and value for money that your Adwords budget is reflecting.

As a manager you will look after a team of SEO specialists that will strive to do this. You will analyse SEO statistics and take action based on your findings. This will often involve delegating tasks to members of staff in order to maintain your SEO and also streamline areas that need improvement. SEO account manager job descriptions will probably expect you to have a good understanding of:

  • Keywords
  • Organic traffic
  • Paid traffic
  • Other search engine models such as Yahoo or Bing

If you search for ‘SEO account manager jobs near me’ you will find an abundance of them in London. Many of these hirers will expect you to have a degree or qualification in marketing or e-commerce in order to stand a chance of succeeding in your application.

However, it is also possible to work from the bottom up having entered the role as a junior marketer or SEO assistant. Search engine optimisation account manager hirers may also look for the following personality traits and skills:

  • Well organised
  • Ability to prioritise a large workload
  • Confident and approachable
  • IT proficient
  • Ability to manage a group of individuals

SEO account manager jobs in London are sought after because the skills you acquire can be transferred into many different industries. If you work in retail, manufacturing, services or healthcare, the duties of an SEO role stay relatively the same.

One of the largest attractions to the role is the SEO account manager salary. In London, you can expect to earn between £34,000 and £42,000 a year which well above the national average. If you work for an SEO agency this may be even more, and you will have the chance to apply for outsourced work if you have experience of the role working in-house. Most people go down this path once they have been operating for a number of years.

SEO account manager jobs in London come with both positives and negatives. You will work a set shift Monday to Friday which is good for a work/life balance. The earning potential is attractive, and you will be able to see your hard work pay off first-hand when you get results. Many workers testify to the role being pleasant yet challenging so you will not be short of anything to do. London as a city is also very multicultural, so you can expect to work with people from many different backgrounds.

Working as an SEO account manager in London is one of the most competitive jobs in the marketing sector. Combined with a high staff retention rate you may find it difficult to find your dream role. The workload is also very demanding, and you may find yourself undoing lots of your work in order to adapt to changing trends in marketing regulations and trends. Some SEO account managers will also take their work home with them if they need to meet a deadline.

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