2 Telesales Manager jobs in London

Business is booming in London right now. And with over 1 million businesses registered in the area, London is an attractive prospect for up and coming telesales managers. With London-based businesses continuing to grow, there has never been a better time to be working as a telesales manager in London.

As one of the trendiest cities in the world, London is a popular destination for jobseekers from all walks of life. The city boasts a vibrant lively social scene, with fantastic shopping, drinking, dining, and cultural attractions. If you enjoy getting out and about, there around 3,000 parks across the wider London area. You can also venture further afield using the city’s fantastic rail and road links.
Keep reading to learn more about telesales manager jobs in London, including progression and salary information.

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Telesales manager jobs in London involve leading a team of phone-based sales agents to succeed. You will take responsibility for hiring, developing, and coaching your team to achieve established sales targets. You will balance a mixture of team leadership and business development tasks. You will be responsible for analysing sales performance and developing strategies to overcome weaknesses.

While day-to-day responsibilities can vary between businesses, most telesales manager employers in London will ask you to complete these responsibilities:

  • Monitor and manage a team of telesales agents
  • Oversee recruitment activities for a telesales team
  • Analyse and report on sales performance to various stakeholders
  • Conduct regular performance and development reviews with staff

To become a telesales manager you will need to have demonstrable experience in sales and team leadership. Qualifications are not necessary but certifications in areas such as team leadership and professional development are beneficial. Telesales manager jobs in London need people who display a good head for numbers and the drive to succeed.

Telesales manager employers in London are looking for candidates with these characteristics:

  • Able to motivate and inspire a team to achieve their best
  • Target driven and self-motivated
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Quick thinking and analytical

Working as a telesales manager in London opens up many progression paths for you. In the future, you could progress into senior roles such operations manager or call centre manager. As a telesales manager you could be offered various training opportunities to continue your own personal and professional development. Most telesales manager employers in London provide funding for training that is beneficial to the business’s performance.

Telesales manager jobs in London offer an average salary of around £36,000, potentially rising to £50,000 with experience and strong performance. Telesales managers can also expect to receive additional performance related bonuses on top of their salaries.

While telesales manager jobs in London offer excellent salaries and progression opportunities, there are pros and cons to the role. Telesales managers are expected to work long shifts across irregular hours and days. You could find yourself with no set shift pattern, working as and when the business needs you. The work can be highly demanding, with strict pressure to deliver from senior stakeholders. As a team manager you will manage sensitive topics and situations with your team members.

Positively, telesales managers have the opportunity to carve out a very lucrative career paths. Depending on an employer’s policies, you could look forward to receiving a very well-paid bonus each year reflecting sales performance. The role gives you the opportunity to take charge of a team and mould them into a perfect team. You will be able to get to know lots of people across your organisation and enjoy a relatively senior position within a company.

Despite the future being bright for emerging tech professionals, there are, as always, pros and cons to the role. Telesales Manager jobs in London are very demanding, placing heavy pressure on developers to meet strict deadlines. Late nights and “crunches” are the norm within the tech industry to get projects delivered on time. Priorities can change quickly, meaning that you can rarely focus on one project at a time. Programming languages and frameworks are constantly evolving, meaning you will need to undertake regular training to stay at the top of your game.

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