3 Ward Host jobs in London

If you’re passionate about helping people and being part of a team, then finding a job as a ward host can be very rewarding. Ward hosts often work in hospital or community settings.

Job seekers looking for ward host jobs in London, can work in the National Health Service (NHS), private healthcare or non-profit organisations in a range of environments such as hospices, health clinics and hospitals. Apart from London Ward Host jobs, job seekers can also find Host and Patient Ambassador jobs. The average Ward Host salary in London is £17,797, while the hourly rate varies from £9 to £12 per hour depending on the employer and the candidate’s experience.

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London ward host jobs will include delivering and collecting food and beverage from the wards and preparing for the food service by making sure that all equipment is ready. What’s more, main ward hosts duties will include issuing and collecting menu cards then liaising with the catering team accordingly, while ensuring all food safety regulations are followed carefully.

Overall, ward hosts are responsible for the co-ordination of the patient meal and beverage services in accordance with the Ward Timing Schedule. Other duties could include assisting with the food preparation and tray-setting, regenerating and garnishing food, serving food & drink in other areas as well as reporting any issues to the supervisory team in a timely manner.

There are no academic qualifications or set entry requirements needed to get into ward host jobs in London. Most of the times, employers expect good basic education including reading and writing skills, basic Health & Safety along with strong customer service skills including clear verbal communication. It is also common that a Level 2 Food & Safety Certificate or equivalent is considered essential by employers.

To become a ward host in London, on-the-job-training will be given at ward level. However, you can also acquire experience through either apprenticeships or voluntary work. Although certain qualifications aren’t demanded, it’s important that ward hosts have certain skills, such as the ability to put clients at ease, respect for the client as well as a pleasant, caring and polite manner.

Getting a job as a ward host is easy while also deeply rewarding as a profession. Career wise there are plenty of opportunities for progression, dependent on a committed and enthusiastic approach. Career development opportunities include getting into the hospitality industry, such as working in Hotels and Hotel Services or getting a job as a Catering Services Supervisor.

Although the NHS is arguable the most prominent and well-known provider, there are also many roles available in the private sector, offering a further range of workplace settings. Compensation and benefits include further enhanced pay at weekends and evenings along with pension schemes, not to mention flexibility in your working hours.

Cons of working in London ward host jobs may include unsociable working hours as well as having to deal with high levels of work-related stress. Working in the frontline of any company, you must always maintain a friendly and professional demeanor, even when dealing with a difficult client. Finally, as life in London is more expensive than other parts in the UK, ward hosts working there could face specific challenges linked to higher costs of living and pay disparities. In particular, the average advertised salary for a Ward Host in London is 57% below the average salary for all jobs in London.

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