20 Warehouse Supervisor jobs in London

If you enjoy working in a busy and fast-paced environment, then warehouse supervisor jobs in London could be perfect for you. There are around 1,500 warehouses in the UK, and this role is in the prime location for logistics work. Working as a warehouse supervisor in London can involve a broad range of duties. You will be responsible for ensuring that targets are consistently met, whilst also keeping both customers and staff happy. Depending on the size of the organisation, you may be asked to look after a facility with a multi-million-pound turnover.

With over 1.1 million business based in the area, more and more people are turning to London for work. The capital city is also home to around 1,000 multinational companies, with many warehouses operating across the city. The GDP of London equates to over 20% of the country’s population. With the economy continuing to grow year on year, you should be able to find plenty of suitable roles.

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Warehouse supervisor jobs in London will naturally vary, and you will have a lot of responsibility each day. You will have the chance to operate in a vibrant environment where you will be responsible for ensuring that a warehouse runs smoothly. Furthermore, the set targets each day will ultimately sit with you, and you will be in charge of implementing an efficient way of working. Warehouse supervisor employers in London may expect you to complete the following duties:

  • Leading the distribution and storing of goods
  • Motivating a high-performance workforce
  • Acting as the lead contact for customers and suppliers
  • Provide training to members of staff
  • Implementing key health and safety processes

Many warehouse supervisor employers will expect you to have completed some qualifications and courses during your career. This could include management training and industry-specific diplomas. However, it is likely that your previous experience will be the main factor in securing a role. You will need to demonstrate a considerable level of experience, as well as proof of how you have developed professionally.

A thorough understanding of warehousing is expected, in addition to evidence of being able to manage staff of varying levels. Of course, your starting salary may depend on the size of the company and the amount of staff. For some warehouse supervisor jobs in London, you may receive a starting salary of £30,000 – £35,000. This may increase with years of service and the position is generally higher paid in London compared to other large UK cities.

There are usually great career prospects for professionals working as a warehouse supervisor in London. If you can showcase your management skills and contribute to the success of the business, you may be given opportunities to progress. Furthermore, you may also have future external opportunities in managerial positions because of the skills that you can acquire in the distribution trade.

With a growing population of around 9.5 million people, London also has the largest economy in Europe. Due to this, major industries such as the logistics trade are continuing to thrive. This has created a demand for more warehouse supervisor jobs in London. The city also attracts millions of visitors each year due to the famous social scene, so you have the chance to work in one of the most popular cities on the planet.

Stress can be a problem due to the workload and high level of responsibility. You may also be expected to work some long hours, which can also include being on call outside of your working hours. Furthermore, dealing with various staff and supplier issues can be quite time-consuming, which can mean that the efficiency levels of the warehouse can suffer. Warehouse supervisor employers in London do offer a higher salary compared to more junior roles. However, this money does not stretch as far when considering the cost of living in the area.

Despite this, warehouse supervisor jobs in London present a fantastic opportunity to form a profitable career in a secure industry. It is likely that you will have the chance to build some strong working relationships, whilst having a lot of control and responsibility. Your performance will also have an impact on the success of your organisation, which can be incredibly satisfying if you are performing to a high level.

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