Factory Cleaner jobs in Manchester City Centre

Working as a factory cleaner in Manchester city centre is a diverse role, filled with versatile opportunities for further learning. Factory cleaners often have specialist training in order to gain the skills needed to safely clean machinery. If machinery is not kept clean it might slow or break, making the role of factory cleaner essential for the smooth flow of overall operations. 

As a factory cleaner in Greater Manchester, you may be involved in advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, or environmental tech production. Each of these industries is a modern day version of the old textile manufacturers that took up residence in Manchester during the Industrial Revolution. Manchester was named the ‘first’ industrialised city, a tradition that continues to this day in the form of factory cleaner employers. In Manchester city centre. Some of the biggest employers include Admiral Sportswear, Crossley Motors and the Lancashire Steel Company. 

While working as a factory cleaner in Manchester you will be expected to clean and tidy all areas of the establishment to a high standard. Your duties will include vacuuming, dusting, sanitising bathrooms and ensuring certain rooms remain clean 

There may be specialist training needed to clean industrial equipment, all of which can be added to your C.V. You might also be placed in charge of cleaning supplies and their distribution. A little light office cleaning can also be expected along with general janitorial duties. 

You will not need to go to college or university to succeed in this role. In order to appeal to factory cleaner employers in Manchester city centre, previous experience is preferred but not always essential. They will look for a friendly individual with plenty of patience because the job can sometimes be repetitive.  

There is a chance you will be working with cleaning chemicals, as well as ensuring correct supplies reach the right places. These tasks require your ability to learn from training and retain that knowledge to prevent possibly disastrous consequences.  

Factory cleaner jobs in Manchester city centre have many positive aspects. Agency workers can earn as much as £10 per hour depending on experience and could see you travelling around the Greater Manchester area to reach clients. Cleaners will always be in demand, regardless of the stability of the economy. As a bonus, working hours tend to be ‘out-of-office hours which lets you complete tasks in tranquillity. 

Just as there are perks to working as a factory cleaner in Manchester city centre, there are also reasons not to apply for this role. If you are working for a single employer, you may find the job very monotonous. Furthermore, if you prefer to work with others, this role can become lonely. Similarly, if you don’t respond well to working without supervision you might not enjoy being a factory cleaner. 


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