3 Compliance Auditor jobs in Manchester

Manchester is home to over 24,000 businesses, with compliance auditor jobs in Manchester in high demand. Whether you are employed directly or working as part of an auditing firm, you can expect to make a large impact in this position.

Considered by many to be the UK’s second city, Manchester is a great place to live and work. Comprised of ten boroughs this former cotton hub is now a sprawling metropolis with over 2.7 million residents. Keep reading to learn more about working as a compliance officer, including information on salaries and progression opportunities.

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It is the job of a compliance auditor to ensure a company is adhering to all applicable laws and regulations relating to their business. Working as a compliance auditor in Manchester can involve all manner of tasks relating to compliance across a number of disciplines. You will take a leading role in guiding businesses on best practice whilst also guiding them on how to make any necessary improvements.

Compliance auditor jobs in Manchester can vary depending on whether you are employed directly or on a consultant basis. However, you can typically expect your duties to include:

  • Auditing company processes and documentation to ensure legal and industrial compliance
  • Communicate the auditing process, audit findings, and any recommendations to relevant stakeholders
  • Complete documentation relating to the auditing process for the businesses’ reference
  • Conduct cost and risk analyses on behalf of those being audited

Compliance auditor employers in Manchester are often looking for candidates with previous experience in compliance administration and auditing in their industry. Many compliance auditor jobs in Manchester will ask that you be educated to degree level. It is also not uncommon to be asked to hold additional qualifications in areas such as statistical analysis and quality management.

To be successful as a compliance auditor, you will need to demonstrate the following skills and attributes:

  • A strong attention to detail
  • The ability to learn, understand and analyse complex information quickly
  • Excellent communication skills and confidence in reporting to stakeholders of all levels
  • A strong ethical compass and the ability to make tough decisions

Working as a compliance auditor in Manchester provides excellent opportunities for career development and progression. Many compliance auditors go on to become compliance managers or self-employed compliance consultants. If you are able to specialise in a certain industry you can become a compliance specialist in that area.

As a compliance auditor you will need ensure that your knowledge of law and regulations is always up to date. You will also need to keep continually updating your knowledge of law, industry regulations, data analysis and reporting. Most employers for this role will actively fund and support your additional training as needed. Compliance auditor jobs in Manchester pay an average salary of £20,000, however this can increase based on the industry and specialisation.

Compliance auditor jobs in Manchester offer their own unique pros and cons to anyone considering this as their career choice. The work of a compliance auditor is extremely important, with no room for errors. You will be reviewing and analysing a lot of documentation and processes back to back. The job can be highly pressurised and has strict deadlines that must be met during the auditing process. There is also no room for ‘grey’ areas. You will need to abide by a strict code of ethics and regularly take decisive action.

However, as a compliance auditor you will be able to learn a lot about different areas of law and regulations. With an analytical mind, you will be able to take a leading role in identifying problems and developing solutions. The job is usually office based and offers excellent progression and development opportunities. An excellent place to work, there are plenty of compliance auditor employers in Manchester for you to choose from. From fashion giants to independent retailers, the skills of a compliance auditor is needed by many. The city has a distinct cosmopolitan feel and offers easy access to several other major northern cities.

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