85 Digital Marketing Manager jobs in Manchester

Digital marketing has come to the forefront of the UK’s economy. Nearly every industry relies on it as social media becomes the strongest medium to push a campaign. There are multiple specialisms and tasks you may find yourself carrying out working as a digital marketing manager in Manchester. This could be in SEO, content creation or market research.

Digital marketing manager employers in Manchester may be new companies or large multinational corporations. There are over 22,000 enterprises in Manchester, so opportunities should not be far away. The city is also home to the Arndale and Trafford Centre which provide huge retail opportunities. Greater Manchester is home to over 2 million people and is one of the most desirable places to live and work. If this interests you, continue reading below.

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The digital marketing manager job description provides you with a range of different tasks. You will primarily be based in and office and can apply for roles in house or through a digital marketing agency. You may need to travel from time to time to chair meetings with clients. Digital marketing manager jobs in Manchester are senior positions, so you can expect to deal with line management tasks.

The daily duties you will perform can vary, but it is expected you will have a digital background and can therefore perform various jobs. PPC is a major part of the role, so you will have to deal with Google Ad campaigns, Facebook and Instagram performance metrics. This will also mean identifying weaknesses and troubleshooting. Email and video campaigns are also commonplace, however you may decide to delegate this work to those under your supervision. Other duties include but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring multi-platform campaigns
  • Creating social media strategy
  • Maintaining the brand’s reputation and style
  • Compliantly using data to push marketing campaigns

When searching ‘what is digital marketing’ you will find that most employers will expect you to have a university degree in marketing or e-commerce. Digital marketing manager jobs in Manchester are extremely competitive so it is not uncommon for hirers to expect you to have a wealth of experience. This could be gained from working from an entry level position.

Previous experience is vital, and many enterprises will want you to have prior knowledge of their sector. Whilst many of the skills you acquire are transferable, some practices are different, so proof hat you have worked in other areas can be advantageous. Hirers will also look for candidates with the following personal attributes:

  • Able to work towards deadlines
  • Strong communication
  • In depth knowledge of the sector
  • Managing digital campaigns compliantly and efficiently

The digital marketing manager salary in Manchester varies between £35,000 and £40,000 and this can rise with experience. Working as a digital marketing manager in Manchester can also give you some excellent opportunities to build on your career. Due to a rise in the number of digital marketing vacancies there has been an increased demand for managers to push marketing campaigns forward. You may wish to apply for roles such as marketing director if you have already gained this experience.

If you are proactive in openly wanting to cover different areas of the marketing department, you will leave for your next role with a vast amount of experience that you can take into other positions.

Working as a digital marketing manager in Manchester comes with ups and downs. The experiences you gain will give you an opportunity to further your career. For example, the work you carry our in SEO may mean you can become an SEO director elsewhere. Digital marketing manager jobs in Manchester are also popular because they offer a creative element to the role as well as a good work life balance.

However, digital marketing manager employers in Manchester will sometimes expect staff to work outside of the office in order to meet deadlines. This can mean working some evenings and bank holidays which can affect home life, however this is rare. If you work for an agency and thus for different clients you may struggle to prioritise workloads which you will be judged on by your superiors.

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