43,326 Developer jobs in Newcastle-upon-tyne

Developer jobs are becoming more and more in-demand for businesses as the online world becomes an increasingly useful business tool. Newcastle-upon-Tyne is a popular media centre, making it an exciting and versatile place to venture into a career as a developer. From gaming to building websites, working as a developer in Newcastle-upon-Tyne can be a diverse and exciting role, equipping you with incredibly sought-after skills and experience.

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Working as a Developer in Newcastle-upon-Tyne brings opportunities for a variety of tasks and knowledge, due to the ever-growing amount of media-based companies. Tasks could include:

  • Creating and testing code
  • Designing and writing software
  • Designing and writing computer operating systems
  • Monitoring systems to make corrections when necessary

As a developer you would be expected to be constantly updating your knowledge and skills to meet the demand of changing technologies, meaning tasks could change and develop over time.

A relevant degree or diploma such as in computer science, software engineering or information systems is usually required for a role as a developer. Developer employers in Newcastle-upon-Tyne will also expect you to have previous experience, ideally in a similar role. Knowledge of debugging and multi-core CPU or SMP will be needed, as well as of programming languages such as C++. You will be required to work well both as a member of a team and on your own, with good communication skills and a creative mindset needed.

Developer jobs in Newcastle-upon-Tyne hold good job availability and security, as software development becomes ever more vital to businesses functioning smoothly and efficiently.

Starting salaries for developers in Newcastle-upon-Tyne begin around £26,000. More experienced developer salaries can range up to £70,000. Choosing to be a developer is a fantastic career path, providing exciting possibilities for future earning, as well as the chance to expand your work into different areas if you wish to do so.

As with any job role, there are benefits and potential downsides to being a developer in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. It is important to weigh up the pros and cons of the role before deciding on it as a career. Here we have listed what these could be to help you make the choice whether it is the right career for you.


  • Good job availability, choice and stability
  • Good career prospects
  • Salary above the national average
  • Opportunity to work towards an attractive salary


  • Role can be busy and demanding
  • Having to work to tight deadlines
  • Potentially long hours to complete more important projects
  • Continually updating knowledge and skills

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