137 .net Developer jobs in Nottingham

You can find .net developer jobs in Nottingham throughout a multitude of businesses, with software being the vocal point for many of their needs. There are 44,000 firms based in Nottingham, so opportunities are everywhere. The city also has an unemployment rate of just 3.9%, which is well below the UK average. Prominent brands based here include Boots, Pendragon and Sports Direct. Nottingham benefits from an £11 billion economy, which has continued growing over the last decade at a rate of nearly £3 billion a year.

There are just over 320,000 people living in Nottingham. The city attracts people with its vibrant nightlife and historic architecture. Working as a .net developer in Nottingham also means you can benefit from competitive local rents and properties.

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.Net developer employers in Nottingham will involve you creating code using .net program languages. These will include C# and VB, though the specifications will differ depending on the business and the IT systems they use. This job also involves working on technical interfaces, developing web apps already in use and testing new software to implement. .Net developer jobs in Nottingham will require you to be a technical and coding expert, as well as staying up to date with new industry developments.

.Net developer employers in Nottingham will need you to have experience specific to this career. You will normally need a university degree at some companies, but an understanding of software and writing code is usually more advantageous. Knowing about computer design patterns is one of the main candidate requirements. These include SQL Server and ASP.NET frameworks. To be considered for .net developer jobs in Nottingham, you need to have quality communication skills and troubleshooting experience.

.Net developer jobs in Nottingham can give you very rewarding prospects for your entire career, with your role deeply valued for its technical knowledge. You can usually develop over a number of years to a point where you could train new starters or those training to become a .net developer themselves. If you work passionately and make the most of your training, you will reach mid-level positions and have opportunities to go even further.

You will grow your skillset and range of project experience quicker at an agency, working on numerous clients. In terms of earning potential, junior web developers in Nottingham start work on around £18,000 to £25,000, potentially rising to around £30,000 once you move up to a mid-level. If you reach more senior-level positions as a lead developer, you could earn up to £60,000.

The advantages of .net developer jobs in Nottingham are the attractive earning potentials. The role can be done from almost anywhere and is almost entirely focused on software systems, so remote working is common.

Working as a .net developer in Nottingham does unfortunately include heavy workloads with pressured projects and strict deadlines. You will likely be required to come up with solutions for lots of abrupt software and systems emergencies which may mean you are on call during nights and weekends.

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