7 Admin Officer jobs in Nottingham

With over two million admin officers operating in the UK, high demand for admin officer roles, especially in cities such as Nottingham, is not uncommon. Many admin officer jobs in Nottingham involve providing clerical and administrative help to a business and its clients.


Working as an admin officer in Nottingham is a fulfilling and rewarding job, with excellent career advancement on offer. Office admin and support roles have witnessed key growth in Nottingham, with over 350 additional firms recruiting candidates for these positions. Nottingham has a population of nearly 400,000 and is the fourth largest city in the region. The city also has the third largest economic output of £24 billion GDP. Keep reading to learn more about what an admin officer role involves, how to become an admin officer, and career opportunities in this role.


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Admin officer jobs in Nottingham can be found in everything from large, multinational corporations to small local enterprises. Some duties will require work to be completed alone, while other roles will involve working in large departments. The job will be diverse, with regular tasks to complete. You will also need to be flexible and be able to help colleagues with other tasks when required.


The main responsibilities of admin officer roles include:

·        Documenting and creating reports

·        Providing safe storage for important documents

·        Resolving customer queries and complaints through email and telephone

·        Arranging events and meetings with colleagues and providers

·        Arranging travel and accommodation for senior members of staff

Many admin officer employers in Nottingham seeking entry-level candidates do not require them to have acute qualifications or experience. However, if you are trying to apply for senior-level admin officer jobs, you will likely need industry qualifications, and hirers may ask you to provide specific grades in English or maths. Working as an admin officer in Nottingham at entry-level will often feature extensive on-the-job training and opportunities for progression.


Hirers will also look for candidates with IT skills and certain personality traits, including:


·        Fantastic communication abilities

·        Good organisational skills

·        A forward-thinking approach and the ability to work in a team

Entry-level admin officer roles can be fantastic if you are looking to obtain key skills such as IT and customer services. Many admin officer employers in Nottingham will provide on-the-job training, which you can use to enhance your skills. Departments such as marketing, HR, and customer relations are often a good match for the skills you develop in your time as an admin officer.


In terms of salary, entry-level admin officer jobs range from between £16,000 to £20,000 in Nottingham depending on your experience. Salaries tend to increase in line with the amount of experience you have, and more senior roles can feature salaries of around £28,000.

Unfortunately, the role often includes low starting pay and feature tedious tasks that need to be completed in a specific amount of time. Like the majority of office jobs, you will also be seated for long periods of time throughout your working day.

Positives of the role include on the job training and the chance to learn new skills vital for your progression. Your day will also be varied, with a range of tasks to carry out. The skills you acquire are transferrable across a variety of different industries and sectors, so the role is fantastic for those wanting to move into different areas.

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