Bank Nurse jobs in Nottingham

There has been a gradual increase in the number of bank nurse jobs in Nottingham due to the rise in prominence of the healthcare industry across the country. Working as a bank nurse in Nottingham, you will be required to cover medical professionals during busy periods across different departments and sometimes different hospitals. You will need to be a fully trained nurse and be able to adapt to different scenarios in unfamiliar locations.

The NHS is one of the biggest bank nurse employers in Nottingham, with the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS trust one of the country’s largest teaching trusts. The hospital is a combination of the Queen’s Medical Centre and Nottingham City Hospital following a successfully merger. Providing a health service for around four million people, it is no surprise that bank nurse jobs in Nottingham are particularly popular. The opportunity to work in several places throughout the area is appealing to many medical professionals, particularly as the city is famed for its history, attractions and social scene.

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Working as a bank nurse in Nottingham, your position is likely to change on a frequent basis based on the requirements of your employers. Many duties will echo those of a typical nursing role, in the sense that you will be providing an expert level of care to patients. Bank nurse jobs in Nottingham can vary depending on the amount of cover required, so having a good understanding of a wide range of departments will be important. Bank nurse employers in Nottingham will want you to fulfil all roles to a high standard, with key responsibilities likely to include:

  • Looking after patients until they are ready to be discharged or moved to another department
  • Administering medication and providing treatment
  • Taking and recording necessary vital signs
  • Liaising with the families and friends of patients
  • Tending to wounds and other injuries

As with all medical roles, bank nurse jobs in Nottingham will require you to have a degree within your field. Your degree will be a natural progression from GCSE’s and A-Levels in relevant subjects. If you are fully qualified and have six-months experience, you should be eligible to become a bank nurse. The more time you have spent working in various medical environments, the more chance you will have to thrive as a bank nurse. Furthermore, bank nurse employers in Nottingham will often speak to colleagues and former line manager to get a good understanding of your strengths. If you have a proven track record, you will likely improve your chances even further.

The career prospects for successful candidates are extremely promising, depending which stage of your career you are at. Bank nurse jobs in Nottingham can present a fantastic opportunity for nurses in the early part of their career. This is due to the flexibility of the role, as well as the wonderful opportunity it offers to increase your knowledge in multiple areas.

Furthermore, working as a bank nurse in Nottingham can also lead to permanent positions in some areas you may not have considered, or you may not have had enough experience in beforehand. However, bank nurse jobs in Nottingham can also be ideal for nurses who are more experienced.

One of the main benefits of bank nurse jobs in Nottingham is that the average salary is around £30,000 – £34,000. This is slightly higher than the national average, plus vacancies in the area have increased by almost 10% year-on-year. Most candidates are attracted by the fact the role allows you to make a difference every day. Tending to patients and improving their wellbeing is a great source of satisfaction. In addition, the location of your employment is another contributing factor. Working as a bank nurse in Nottingham, you will have access to many nearby cities where there is also plenty of work available.

There are not many negatives to the role. However, bank nurse employers in Nottingham will often provide short notice for relocations, which can put some people off. You will also be expected to adapt to new surroundings very quickly, and the need to continuously work to high standards can result in a high-pressured environment.

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