9 Compliance Administrator jobs in Nottingham

Nottingham is the fourth biggest city in the Midlands and has one of the largest metropolitan economies in the UK, with a £24 billion GDP. In the city, there are a growing number of financial institutions requiring compliance administrators. The normal responsibility of compliance administrator jobs in Nottingham is making sure businesses are complicit with regulatory requirements and standards. A compliance administrator will also make sure a company’s internal policies are followed and monitor this for any discrepancies. Big personalities and those with an eye for detail make fantastic compliance administrators.

The growing city of Nottingham has many large companies in the centre and surrounding regions. Growth of the region’s financial sector has been successful, helping to increase demand in the risk and compliance sector. With over 21,000 businesses operating in the city, coupled with a high demand for compliance administrators, there are often lots of vacancies available. To learn more about compliance administrator jobs in Nottingham, continue reading.

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Compliance administrators are found throughout the economy in an abundance of sectors, including finance, technology, marketing and accountancy. Because of a range of duties and tasks, your day to day responsibilities may differ. That being said, compliance administrator employers in Nottingham will want you to complete the following jobs:

·        Keeping updated with relevant regulations and procedures

·        Writing and analysing risk assessment

·        Training and educating staff on new regulations and policies

·        Liaising with management any compliance discrepancies

Some compliance administrator employers in Nottingham require certain qualifications. Candidates with degrees in management, accountancy or business may be treated favourably. However, you can also gain these qualifications by completing International Compliance Association courses.


If working as a compliance administrator in Nottingham sounds ideal and you do not have relevant qualifications, you can still enter the industry and work your way up. You will need the right skills and experience to show employers you are able to thrive in your role. Most hirers are looking for candidates with certain traits and qualities, such as:

·        Good problem-solving skills, with the ability to make quick judgement

·        An ability to analyse data and information

·        Experience with team management and an ability to multi-task

Because of the high demand for compliance administrator jobs in Nottingham, career prospects are good. Availability in the role is high and many compliance administrators find they can progress quickly into more senior roles one they establish themselves. Compliance administrators who possess the best skills and abilities can expect to move towards senior roles in less than five years. After ten years of experience, you will be able to progress into senior management roles that include pay rises and extra benefits.

Salaries for compliance administrators differ depending on the sector you work in. Those in compliance roles in the financial sector can expect much higher salaries. Wages for this role can start anywhere between £17,000 and £30,000, depending on sector and location. In Nottingham, the average starting salary is around £25,000.

Compliance administrator jobs in Nottingham can be tough and stressful at times. The role requires you to be up to date with the latest regulations and laws. You also need to be aware of competitors throughout the sector and be an expert in your subject. It is important you do not make mistakes, otherwise your employer may face large fines.

That said, the role also comes with many benefits, including excellent job prospects and attractive earning potentials. The role also enables you to contribute to the success of a company and be a valued member of the team. Job stability due to growth in the risk and compliance industry is another advantage of the role, as quality compliance administrators are hard to find.

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