67 Data Analytics jobs in Nottingham

Data analytics jobs in Nottingham are perfect for candidates who are highly skilled when it comes to mathematics and data. Breaking down detailed financial or personal information should allow you to thrive in this area. Working in data analytics in Nottingham, you may be needed to assist other internal departments, including marketing, PR and sales. The largest data analytics employers in Nottingham can be found in the finance, retail and leisure sectors.

This rapidly growing area is home to approximately 800,000 people. Nottingham is famous for its architecture, tourist attractions and retail outlets. The city has seen a rise in annual visitors, which has contributed to a strong local economy. Data roles are becoming increasingly popular as businesses continue the trend of using data to form strategies. Therefore, you should not have any problems when searching for a suitable role.

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Data analytics jobs in Nottingham can vary depending on the requirements of a company. You may have opportunities to work remotely, but you can expect to be working in an office environment for most positions. You could be using software and tools, including Saas, Tableau and Google Analytics to provide reports for marketing campaigns. Therefore, you should possess a high level of business intelligence to ensure that the correct angles are captured. Data analytics employers in Nottingham could expect you to take on the following duties:

  • Identify different trends from campaigns
  • Find new ways of sharing learnings
  • Provide financial data for annual reports
  • Offer insight to multiple departments

It is usually expected that candidates have a university degree to begin working in data analytics in Nottingham. This qualification can be in a variety of areas, such as computer science, maths or statistics. Post-graduate qualifications can also help you to stand out, as can qualifications that you can secure throughout your career. This can encompass technical courses using the likes of Tableau. Previous experience is also important when attempting to secure data analytics jobs in Nottingham. Furthermore, some organisations may require for specific experience within their sector.

Working in data analytics in Nottingham, you could have multiple opportunities to progress. This is a requirement that more businesses need in order to operate. The progression path might include promotions to a head of insight or head of business intelligence position. Data analytics employers in Nottingham could also reward you with salary increases. Depending on the size of the organisation, you could have the potential to earn in excess of £50,000 a year. However, the starting salary for most data analytics jobs in Nottingham is usually in the region of £28,000 – £35,000. This is a slight increase compared to the national average for UK data jobs.

Working in data analytics in Nottingham can sometimes result in some long working hours. You will need to have an exceptional eye for detail and the ability to break down complex data. A company will rely on your knowledge, and other departments might expect quick turnarounds for some projects. This can be a frustrating experience, especially if your workload is heavy. Handling demands from internal stakeholders is a key part of data analytics jobs in Nottingham.

You should also find that there are a number of positives in this role. Data analytics employers in Nottingham can provide a lot of financial rewards for producing high quality data projects. The skills that you may possess are likely to be in high demand, which means internal and external opportunities are endless. You could also be given a lot of freedom to dictate on data strategies, which gives your potential role a level of seniority.

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