3 Office Cleaner jobs in Nottingham

Working as an office cleaner in Nottingham, England, lets you earn money while exploring a career in hygiene services. You will be responsible for different health and safety aspects around the office, including handling harsh chemicals and dealing with refuse.

Nottingham has a total working age population of around 230,700. Of those, approximately 9% work in administrative or secretarial roles. When added to the roughly 7% that work in office-based managerial roles, as well as nearly 8% in sales and customer service, and you begin to realise that there are plenty of office cleaner employers in Nottingham that need your skills.

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Office cleaner employers in Nottingham require that the workspace be kept clean and tidy. This means you are responsible for keeping the floors vacuumed and/or swept, keeping areas hygienic and tidy, and even cleaning bathrooms. Other duties might cover emptying bins and disposing of waste, handling harsh cleaning chemicals and other janitorial duties.

Office cleaners often work to a rota with changing shift patterns. You may need to be up early or stay up late. You ought to be physically fit enough to work quickly, since short time periods are given to complete each room.

The majority of entry level office cleaner jobs in Nottingham do not have any formal qualification requirements. If you want to start off in a supervisory position, you will need to have several years- experience either as an office cleaner or a team leader.

Office cleaner employers in Nottingham may opt to put you through further training when needed. Further training might be in hazardous chemicals, in health and safety in the workplace, or in the cleaning of electric items. Personal skills that will make you suited to a role working as an office cleaner in Nottingham include patience, organisational skills and the ability to work quickly and to a high level of detail.

Although being an office cleaner is hard work, it can be rewarding, too. Some of the best reasons why you consider working as an office cleaner in Nottingham include:

·        You will acquire transferable knowledge and skills in occupational health and safety

·        Office cleaners can earn up to £10 per hour

·        High job security since cleaners are always in demand

·        Office cleaning is less intimate than cleaning people’s homes

Although working as an office cleaner in Nottingham might be a good experience, there are some negative issues. Some office cleaners need to be in the office before the staff arrive. This means shifts could be as early as 5am. An evening shift will typically be around 6 pm onwards but could be later.

Office cleaner employers in Nottingham expect you to be highly flexible, often for a minimum salary. This job will need you to be fit and healthy due to the physical nature of the tasks. Lastly, you may find yourself handling chemicals on a daily basis.

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