Cardiac Radiographer jobs in Sheffield

Cardiac radiographer jobs in Sheffield will mean you are using high-tech equipment, such as x-ray machines. You will be tasked with analysing and forwarding details of a patient’s heart and lungs, and working in conjunction with doctors. It will likely be common to work with elderly patients and those with underlying health conditions.

Sheffield is one of the UK’s most popular cities, with a population of over 500,000 and a GDP of £38 billion. As a result, the city of Sheffield has seen major investment in healthcare that has increased the need for cardiac mri radiographer job opportunities.

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Working as a cardiac radiographer in Sheffield is a busy role. The nature of your tasks will be determined by the size of your department and how busy your centre is, however most duties are common to the role. These include:

  • Taking x-rays
  • Relaying images to doctors/specialists
  • Communicating with patients
  • Ensuring patient files are updated and accurate

You will carry out radiographic scans to form images. It is then important that you forward these onto a doctor who will liaise with a patient. Your main duties therefore will be focused on patient comfort, working in a clean environment and adhering to the Health Information Privacy Law.

Cardiac radiographer jobs in Sheffield are highly demanding and can be very specialised. You will therefore be required to undertake a radiography degree which will give you the skills and knowledge to apply for roles in a professional capacity.

If you already have a degree in another healthcare role you may be able to undertake an accelerated healthcare qualification to bring you up to speed. This will give you the relevant cardiac radiographer training. Employers will also look for candidates with the following traits:

  • Good eye for detail
  • Friendly and calm
  • Ability to manager a large workload
  • Ability to work well under pressure and during busy periods
  • Good IT skills

Working as a cardiac radiographer in Sheffield can be very rewarding and will open doors for you to progress in your career. You may seek a growth in your career through cardiac mri radiographer promotions in Sheffield. Promotions continue to be offered in this area. Not only will this boost your earning potential but also give you further experience to take with you.

The average starting cardiac radiographer salary in Sheffield is roughly £25,000. However, this will go up once you have been working for a while. It is also probable that you will be given extra responsibilities as you grow into the role that will reflect your salary.

Once you complete cardiac radiographer training the role can be extremely rewarding. You will get satisfaction from knowing you are helping to improve patient lives. Working for the NHS is also very well respected and you will benefit from this with discounts from many retail businesses. Sheffield also has a reputation for good music, sport, arts and history. With two big universities the city continues to grow in popularity.

Cardiac radiographer jobs are not stress free however. You will likely be expected to work on the weekend, evenings and Bank Holidays. This can be mentally draining and will have an effect on your social life. You will undergo regular training programmes which can seem non-stop.

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