Compliance Auditor jobs in Sheffield

The growing and varying number of industries operating in Sheffield, the UK’s fourth largest city, has meant there is significant demand for compliance auditors in the region. Ever-evolving legislation means companies need to keep on top of regulations and laws. A shortage of skilled compliance officers means there are many opportunities for compliance auditor jobs in Sheffield.

Traditionally the centre of Britain’s steel industry, Sheffield now houses companies from a wide range of sectors, including business, finance, insurance, IT and retail. Each of these industries must be constantly aware of the latest guidelines on good practices and regulations. That is why compliance auditor employers in Sheffield are working hard to recruit people to a profession suffering a skills shortage. To find out more about working as a compliance auditor in Sheffield, check out this helpful guide.

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Many different companies have operations in Sheffield, and each vary in size. Therefore, the duties you may be expected to perform while working as a compliance auditor in Sheffield can be different depending on the industry.

Steel and manufacturing are traditionally associated with Sheffield, but there is an emerging business and finance sector in the city, and this is where compliance auditors are in particularly high demand. However, no matter what type of company you work in, from IT to food production, there are general duties common to compliance auditors. These include:

  • Making sure a company is complying with all existing legislation
  • Keeping up to date with new regulations
  • Carrying out audits and assessments of current practices to ensure there are no breaches
  • Educating and training staff on compliance procedures
  • Briefing senior management on concerns around regulations
  • Assisting external auditors

Although a university degree is not essential for working as a compliance auditor in Sheffield, many employers may prefer you to have one. A degree in a subject such as business or economics can be helpful, as well as a subject related to the industry you are looking to work in. There are also qualifications offered by professional bodies such as the International Compliance Association.

Compliance auditor employers in Sheffield also look for certain skills and qualities. These include a forensic eye for detail and high ethical standards. You will also need to possess excellent communication skills and be able to explain complex concepts in a way that everyone will understand.

Other qualities employers look for include:

  • Ability to work independently
  • Deep understanding of laws and regulations
  • Able to analyse detailed information and compile reports

Working as a compliance auditor in Sheffield can offer many great opportunities for career progression. A compliance auditor will start on a salary of around £18,000, which can rise to £35,000. With enough experience, you may be able to progress to a role as a senior compliance officer, where salaries can be up to £75,000.

Compliance auditor jobs in Sheffield can also help you find opportunities in other sectors. You may seek a more senior role in a specific industry, and there is also the opportunity to transfer your skills from the role into a job in cyber security or become a freelance compliance consultant.

Compliance auditor jobs in Sheffield can be rewarding, but also very demanding. You are frequently dealing with complex and delicate issues. Breaches of regulations can prove very costly for companies, so as a compliance auditor, you carry a lot of responsibility, which can sometimes be stressful. However, the job can pay very well, especially with the more experience you gain.

There are many pros to working as a compliance auditor in Sheffield. With the growing number of industries operating in the city, there are always opportunities for employment and advancement. Companies such as HSBC and Aviva now have large operations there, helping increase the need for compliance auditors in the region. The city is ideally located with excellent transport links. Many large companies have offices there and this provides the opportunity to progress to other roles within those companies.

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