Laboratory Assistant jobs in Sheffield

Laboratory assistants provide a vital service to the communities they work within, prepping and running key tests across various samples. Laboratory assistants are found across many industries, providing crucial support to ongoing projects – from medical research to legal support. As a place to live and work, Sheffield is an attractive destination. With around 585,000 people calling this former steel hub home, there are plenty of opportunities for emerging laboratory professionals.

The city of Sheffield sits on England’s north-east and is the largest city in South Yorkshire. Sheffield is a popular destination for young professionals due to its diverse and laid-back atmosphere. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and cultural attractions to enjoy and other major cities are only a short train ride away. To learn more about the salary expectations and progression opportunities associated with laboratory assistant jobs in Sheffield, keep reading.

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Laboratory assistant jobs in Sheffield will likely involve performing various tests for an employer across various material samples. You will run tests and reports in both pre and post-test phases to gather accurate information.

Working as a laboratory assistant in Sheffield also includes an element of report writing and cataloguing as you will need to ensure samples are stored correctly and results are accurately reported. The types of materials you work with will vary between employers, but most will need to be handled safely and could be potentially hazardous. Laboratory assistant employers in Sheffield will typically expect you to carry out these duties:

  • Prepare samples/specimens for testing and properly store them between uses
  • Run tests on your designated samples/specimens according to workplace guidelines
  • Document, analyse, and report your test findings
  • Clean and prepare the laboratory space for testing

To begin working as a laboratory assistant in Sheffield you will likely need to have a demonstrable background in medical sciences or biology. Many laboratory assistant employers in Sheffield ask that you be educated to degree level, and some may ask for post-graduate qualifications. You will also need to have demonstrable experience working within a laboratory setting.

Laboratory assistant jobs in Sheffield are looking for candidates who possess these qualities and characteristics:

  • Maintain high levels of cleanliness and best practice at all times
  • Familiar with and able to use laboratory management systems
  • Excellent attention to detail and analysis skills
  • Trustworthy and reliable

Working as a laboratory assistant in Sheffield is the first step for many into a laboratory management career. As a laboratory assistant, you will receive round-the-clock support and excellent on-the-job training from superiors. Working in a hands-on laboratory environment will allow you to rapidly develop your skills and discover how you wish to progress your career. Beyond laboratory assistant, you could become a laboratory supervisor/manager or research technician.

Laboratory assistant jobs in Sheffield pay an average salary of around £19,000, potentially rising to £22,000 with experience and further training.

Laboratory assistant jobs in Sheffield offer their own unique set of pros and cons that you should consider before accepting the role. As an entry-level role, the pay is rather low considering the amount of academic investment required to begin working in a laboratory. You will be under pressure to complete multiple tests throughout the day whilst maintaining laboratory best practice. You will need to remain focused throughout as your tests must be conducted correctly with accurate results. This may vary between employers, but you may be exposed to potentially hazardous substances while working in the laboratory.

Positively, working as a laboratory assistant is the first step in a rewarding career. From here you can rapidly develop your skills and progress within the laboratory management/research field. As a laboratory assistant, you will most likely work standard office hours with no weekend work. You will receive regular training and on-the-job guidance throughout your time as a laboratory assistant, helping to develop your skills for the future.

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