126 Store Manager jobs in Sheffield

Store manager jobs in Sheffield are applicable to many industries. You will be responsible for the day-to-day running of a store, whilst ensuring profits are maintained. Sheffield is one of the UK’s largest cities by population; home to nearly 500,000 people. Famed for its steel making history, it is one of the most important cities in Yorkshire.

As a result of recent population and economic growth, the number of new businesses in the region has grown. This has led to an increased demand for store managers. If you want to work as a store manager in a city known for its industry, music, football and art, continue reading below.

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Store manager jobs come with many different responsibilities. Your main focus will be to drive profit in a store whilst maintaining a positive public image. This will likely involve carrying out the following tasks:

  • Ensuring customer service is of a high quality
  • Ensuring a store is clean and meets health & safety regulations
  • Upselling items during incentives
  • Delegating tasks to a team

Generally speaking, you will not need a degree for this role. Most store managers work their way up from entry-level positions. This is generally because you will have an extensive knowledge of all the products, how rotas work and what management style works in a particular type of store.

It is unlikely that you will be considered for the role without previous experience and the following attributes:

  • Approachable and friendly
  • Good time keeping
  • Ability to manage a diverse team
  • Passion to succeed

Store manager jobs in Sheffield will give you a chance to experience higher paying positions from the experience you gain. These skills can be transferred to other roles, such as those requiring IT, money handling and people management. You may apply for roles such as area manager or director of operations once you have been with a business for a long time. Store manager salaries in Sheffield generally begin at £25,000. However, this varies depending on location, sector and size of store. Salaries can rise steadily once you gain more experience and show success.

Working in store manager jobs in Sheffield has its positives and negatives. You will be able to manage a store the way you feel reflects your style. The role can be well paid and gives you the scope to further your career with bigger, better-paying companies whilst retaining the same duties and work hours. Sheffield is also one the country’s most popular cities and you will be working in a multicultural region.

The role can be stressful as you will be expected to maintain profit margins and hit targets. Weekend work is expected and it is not that you are still working after hours cleaning the store. The role therefore requires a strong-willed individual who can adapt to change and is also able to handle adversity.

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