Telesales Manager jobs in Sheffield

Working as a telesales manager in Sheffield can be a great role if you enjoy combining customer service skills with a sales element. Telesales manager employers in Sheffield operate in industries such as travel, IT and retail. As a manager, it is highly likely that you will be in charge of a small team. Sales targets will need to be met, and you should of course look to follow all necessary regulatory guidelines.

Telesales manager jobs in Sheffield allow you to ply your trade in an incredibly popular city. The city is the fourth largest in the UK and has a metropolitan population of over 1.5 million people. Retail is a particularly big sector in Sheffield, with over 110,000 people operating in this area. Some of the biggest organisations in the area include the likes of ParcelForce and Aviva. With more telesales jobs being created across the city, you should be able to find the role you are looking for.

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Working as a telesales manager in Sheffield, you should find that your role is busy and fast-paced. Professionalism is always required as part of telesales manager jobs in Sheffield. You may experience a mix of outbound and inbound calls. Therefore, you could be reaching out to secure sales or handling different queries from customers who have called your office.

Part of your role will be to improve any existing processes to ensure maximum efficiency. You should also have an eye on acquiring the best technology and candidates to work within your team. Other general duties could include:

  • Providing training and feedback
  • Ensuring compliance for different procedures
  • Looking for ways to develop and improve
  • Conducting performance reviews

You should not require too many formal qualifications when applying for sales manager jobs in Sheffield. Some industry-related qualifications along with sales and marketing certificates should be beneficial. Telesales manager employers in Sheffield should also be on the lookout for candidates with considerable experience.

Furthermore, you may also need to have experience of running your own team or department. It is possible to secure this position by progressing within a company, or sometimes moving from other departments such as sales, customer service or marketing. The following skills are important when attempting to secure a position.

  • Excellent people management skills
  • Strong communication abilities
  • Strong influencer
  • Self-motivation and dedication

Telesales manager jobs in Sheffield can give you a platform to build a great career. Any skills and experience that you pick up can be transferrable into other sectors. This may help you to secure other roles later in your career which may be even more senior. This role comes with an element of seniority which allows you to dictate on company strategies.

Proving yourself in this field may lead to further recognition, which can include promotions or bonuses. Working as a telesales manager in Sheffield, you could earn around £25,000 – £28,000 a year. Telesales manager employers in Sheffield may also top this up if you are performing to a high standard. With a lot of reputable companies linked to telesales in Sheffield, you could also be in the prime location to secure new and repeat business.

Telesales manager jobs in Sheffield are a great way to develop your managerial skills. This industry is thriving in multiple areas, which gives the role an element of stability. Working as a telesales manager in Sheffield, you should be given a lot of responsibility which allows you to implement your ideas for an organisation. Another positive is that you may be able to secure remote working roles, or at least a position where that is occasionally a possibility.

Telesales manager employers in Sheffield can be demanding due to the strict targets that can be set by senior management. Your workload is likely to be heavy as you will be combining your daily tasks with some managerial tasks. The role may also mean that you are asked to work some unsociable hours, especially at weekends. Some candidates may be put off by what they perceive to be a low salary for a manager. However, the long-term earning potential is what attracts candidates to the position.

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